Friday, January 31, 2014


My buddy Sue Frehse joined me today to film me some.  She filmed me while walking the deck and then under the water.

500 WU
2 x 25 fly filmed
50 fly filmed
100 free filmed
100 free filmed under water
50 fly filmed underwater
2 x 25 filmed underwater
I plan on uploading them to Sylle and hopefully he can give me some ideas on why I'm struggling so bad.
100 easy
10 x 50 free on the minute.  I had to get under :40 or it did not count.  I made :37 on each and :34 on last one
500 free
5 x 100 free on the 2:00.  Had to get 1:20 or under or it did not count.  Hit 1:20 for first 4.  Last one I got 1:15
500 free.  I mixed in some hypoxic work of doing 25's underwater.  Swimming 25's free but no breathing allowed.  I also did some 50's with some speed and limited breathing.
450 broken down into 100's and 50's.  I did some 50's keeping pace with Sue during some of her fast 50 sets.
50 free CD

My lungs really felt like they got a good workout today.  My arms are pretty tired too which is nice.  Nice longer day tomorrow.  It is the last day in January and my FLOG says I have done JUST under 39 miles.  Considering I had to take a whole week off and this is my first month back training in a long time, I'm happy with this.
3500 SCY total

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