Thursday, January 9, 2014


Did not sleep well last night.  Fell asleep late and when my alarm went off, even though I was out for 6 hours, I felt like I had only been asleep for 20 minutes
I did a workout I really like for today.

700 swim (100 easy 500 NS 100 easy)
10 x 50 pace
600 swim (100 easy 400 NS 100 easy)
8 x 50 pace
500 (same as above) Used Snorkel
6 x 50 same
400 same Used Snorkel
4 x 50 same
300 same
2 x 50

I made the workout distance but CRASHED halfway though the 600 set.  I tried to push myself a bit but my energy was GONE.  I slowed down hoping it would come back but that just made it worse.  My energy was tanked and I decided to just get the distance in and forget about the negative splits and making good pace times on the 50's.  I'm not going to be upset about what happened.  I actually expected my body to do this at one point.  I have not swam daily in a long time.  My body is adjusting slowly to all the recent activity and 2 days a week I have 15+ hour days.  Tough luck Goody! I knew what this season would entail so I just need to keep plugging through.  There will be more days like this but hopefully they are far apart.
I will have a lighter day tomorrow then my 1 hour postal swim on Sat.  Patricia is out of town for work so I won't be able to swim next week until Friday.

4000 SCY

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