Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Felt good today.  I was eager to go swimming and try a workout I wanted to try. The base of the workout is nothing original but I decided to make it "interesting".
Ladders by 50 up to 500 then back down.  Big deal!  What makes it fun is that every 3rd 25 was fly.  I took my free nice and easy and my main focus was taking my time and working on my technique for the fly.  I would be doing a LOT of it so I might as well do it right.
It took a while to warm up so I was on my first 350 going up before my muscles didn't complain when I did a fly pull.  I got more and more relaxed and started feeling a bit more confident with my stroke.  Made the entire set.  It was great nice to see 100 on my finger counter.  That and I know I did my honest amount of fly.  I never skipped a set and if I was ever unsure of whether I was supposed to do fly or free when I hit the wall, I defaulted to fly.
So, all that being said, when I added it all up, I accumulated over 1 mile of butterfly!  HELL YEAH!  I'm not ready to call the mayor to prep the parade but this is a major step for me.  It was only 25 at a time but the yards to add up and a mile of fly is still a mile of fly.
Mentally I felt stronger and happier as I got closer to #100.  When I hit 100, I felt like I had enough energy to do a few thousand more.  Time was up and I had to get to work.  When I lifted myself out of the pool, it became aware to me that yes, I had indeed swam more fly in one workout than ever before in my life.  Still a FUN swim today and a good mental boost for me.  I got some film done on my fly and if I remember (which I prob won't) I'll put it up here later.  I want Sylle to check it out first.

5000 SCY

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