Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Had jury duty today so I was able to sleep in by half an hour and still get a longer swim in.  I got in the pool just after 0500 and was able to get in 1500 before Kim arrived.  We did a 5k workout together then I added some more on.  I ended up with 8k today.  My shoulders were a bit tired at the end but I was happy to get a nice swim in. 

8k today

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today during lunch I drove to the Post Office and mailed off my packet to the CCSF.  I've now completed all the paperwork, medical exams, and written enough checks (for now at least) for this swim.  I now just have to train!  Rather, keep up my training.  Been 2 weeks since I mentally committed to this swim and my excitement hasn't subsided yet!
I did have some odd questions on one form though.  They basically asked how often I planned on peeing and if I had trouble with doing this.  LOL
I also had a paper asking about my crew and experience they have and with me etc etc.  I didn't feel like writing it all down so I typed up a paper to send along with my packet.  As I was writing about who my swim friends are and how we train together, how much I trust them, and what we do together, I felt a sense of great joy.  I really am grateful to my swim friends. 
I'm grateful for Gords and Josh who I know will help me while I train.  We are all eager to take in some long swims day and night to help each other out for all 3 of our big swims we have planned this year.
I'm grateful for Kim who meets me for all my workouts and I have a swim buddy to help train with.
I'm most grateful for my wife.  She has to hear the alarm go off at 4 AM and I know it bugs her.  She also helps out with the house and kids when I can't get a morning swim in and I end up doing it after work and that means she is with the kids all day and night while I'm doing what I need to do after work to train.  She also sacrifices her Saturday mornings by letting me go to the pool as long as I need.  It takes a LOT of sacrifice to do something like this.  Time, money, friends, and family all take a hit when you need to spend so much time swimming to be prepared.  It's just nice knowing she is supporting me.  Not just for this swim but for all the other swims I have done, will do this year, and have planned in the future.  Thanks Patricia!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Good swim today.  Did a long warmup then some kicking sets. 
The tough part of the workout was having to do 10 x 100's on a specific time.  I was holding about 1:15 per 100 which I was happy with.  I was really struggling to breathe and keep a fast pace on the last 2.  Made it though then had another medium set of pulls.  I don't know why but I'm SO freaking slow when it comes to pull sets.  I go about 10 seconds slower per 50.  I'm so focused on keeping the buoy between my ankles, proper stroke, and other things that I just slow down.  Kind of annoying but oh well.

Workout today was 4k.  I love how I look at anything under 1000 for warmup as a "short" warmup and any swim at or under 4000 as a short workout.
Last week I logged 25,550 yards.  That is 10k short of the needed 35,000 per week average while being ready for Catalina.  I'm 10k under and 4 months to get there. I'm way ahead of schedule and things are looking and feeling great.  I know I'll be able to gradually add 10k more per week and it not be a problem.
In short, my training is going GREAT!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I feel freaking fantastic.  I'm glad I swam yesterday despite how I felt.  Got up at 0600 and got some breakfast, rested a bit and was at the pool ready to go when they opened at 0700.
On the way to the pool, I swung by the post office and mailed in my contract and deposit check for the Outrider boat that will escort me across Catalina.  
Today's workout was a pace day.  I had long sets holding a specific pace per 100.  The first set I did was the longest and each one got a little bit shorter.  I was able to hold pace pretty easy for the first hour then when the 2nd hour started, I had to really focus on my stroke to keep my pace on time.  On one set, I nearly had to sprint the last 50 to make it on time.  I'm happy to say that I made every single time and held my pace exactly how I should have.  Some parts were really tough but I stuck it out and pushed myself to keep going and not to fall behind on time.
When I got done, I just was hungry for more and threw on another 1300 to finish today at 7000.  I left the pool feeling proud of myself, happy I did 7k, and most important, I was hungry for more!  I can't wait till Monday!
It's days like today where I'm REALLY focused and I'm swimming great that makes me remember why I love swimming so much and why I'm training the way I do.  I feel a new sense of importance with my swims now and I'm showing it.  I seriously want to head back to the pool right now and do another 5000!

7000 today

Friday, February 24, 2012


Sleepy day today.  Was going to swim one of my Marcia's workouts but I just could not get it going today.  I did a 1k warmup then when I went to start my first set, I nearly fell asleep swimming.  I just did my own thing by doing 500's
50 kick, 150 swim, 50 breast repeats
I did swim a 500 straight near the end and timed it.  Just to give an idea of how bad today was, my 500 time was 8:04!  Soooo slow.
Dory from Finding Nemo kept coming into my head..."Just keep swimming"
I almost fell asleep on the drive to work today.

The only days I feel like this seem to happen on Fridays.  Some Friday mornings I'm fine and others I am like this.  My theory is that the cold water swims are taking more out of me than I realize or I'm not recovering the way I should.  If it happens again, then I'm going to have to change up some of my mornings so I can do the GSL swims and take Friday off.

4k today

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Was short on time today so when I got to the GSL, I had to get my swim over with quickly.  I chatted with Gords a bit while waiting for Josh to arrive.  I wanted them to be the 2 people signing my Catalina legal papers as my witnesses.  They were both happy to do so.  Not sure if they realized it, but they both said Congratulations to me as they were signing it.  Thanks guys.  Makes me feel special.
I got down and wasted little time getting in.  Water temp read 44 so it was 1 degree cooler than last week.  I knew I wouldn't be able to make 700 yards like last week so I just got in and got acclimated as fast as I could.  Once I got comfortable, I swam to the marina entrance.

 Waited a few seconds for Gords to come up and we got a pic together. 
One of us looks happy.  The other one looks like a complete idiot.  Can you guess who is who?

I couldn't head out no matter how much I wanted to.  I had to get home.  Just swam back to the boat ramp and got dressed.
I REALLY wanted a lot more distance today....maybe next week.
350 today in 44 degree water.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Got up not really that motivated today.  It was one of those days where I was driving to the pool and could feel the want to go back to bed.  Discipline kicked in and I went despite wanting otherwise.  Glad I did.  Fun workout today and I was maintaining a good pace for the sets I had to do.
Did longer sets with negative splits that got progressively shorter as each set progressed.  Did 50's on set times too that progressed with speed increases per set.  It was fun.  Longer slow sets to start then shorter and faster ones at end. 
I'm constantly noticing how my stroke is getting better and my times I can hold for longer sets are faster per 50 than I've done in a long LONG time.  One set I did I know I was holding about 40 per lap and never tired.

4200 total.

Monday, February 20, 2012


I got a message last night from the Outrider boat regarding dates available for a Catalina Channel Crossing.  A spot was open and it will work perfect with the moon phase and days I can take so I grabbed it.  It's official folks, on the 26th of June this year I'm swimming the Catalina Channel!!!  I was excited, scared, nervous, anxious and a whole other range of emotions yesterday. It's here, it's really here.  I'm going to do a channel swim!
I now have to work logistics with people and the channel federation and a bunch of other stuff that needs to be done.  Training will go up a notch too so I'm completely ready for it.
Speaking training, I got up at 0400 (on my day off none the less) and Kim picked me up at 0420.  We drove to Bountiful where we met with Gords and Josh.  We all wanted to get a good distance swim in today.
Kim and I wanted 10k, Josh wanted 10 miles and Gords was going for 20!...STUD!
Kim and I did 5 x 2000 sets.  Rest and gels/fluids between sets.  We both finished with a lot of time to spare but both our shoulders were pretty cooked so we called it.  Goal met, no need to push it and make it angry!
Did whole swim including breaks, pictures and other stops for various reasons in about 3 hours.  I was taking my sweet time and just was focusing on my stroke and getting the distance done.  Before today, the longest I've done for the year has been 6k so it was quite a jump.