Friday, February 24, 2012


Sleepy day today.  Was going to swim one of my Marcia's workouts but I just could not get it going today.  I did a 1k warmup then when I went to start my first set, I nearly fell asleep swimming.  I just did my own thing by doing 500's
50 kick, 150 swim, 50 breast repeats
I did swim a 500 straight near the end and timed it.  Just to give an idea of how bad today was, my 500 time was 8:04!  Soooo slow.
Dory from Finding Nemo kept coming into my head..."Just keep swimming"
I almost fell asleep on the drive to work today.

The only days I feel like this seem to happen on Fridays.  Some Friday mornings I'm fine and others I am like this.  My theory is that the cold water swims are taking more out of me than I realize or I'm not recovering the way I should.  If it happens again, then I'm going to have to change up some of my mornings so I can do the GSL swims and take Friday off.

4k today

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