Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1Feb12 -Visible Progress

I had one of those nights where I kept waking up every 20 minutes thinking it was time to go.  Of course, the only time you settle down and get some real sleep is when you actually DO have 20 min left until the alarm goes off.
I was in the water at 0435 and was stopping on the wall during warmups to yawn quite a bit.  I decided to do my own workout today.
500 swim - yawns!
2 x 250 kick
1000 swim - nice pace.  Nothing fast but didn't allow myself to take it easy either.  I hit 14:52.  I was pretty happy with this.
250 kick
750 pull
250 swim
250 kick
500 swim - got 7:28.  Another time I was happy with.
200 CD
When I started swimming in January to get ready for the year, I was averaging about 47-48 seconds per lap once I got into a good groove.  I was in that same groove and my average is JUST under 45 seconds per lap.  My times are coming down folks!  I'm noticing differences in my swimming and I'm happy that I've dropped about 3 seconds per lap in just a month.  I'm sure they would have dropped if I was working at it on my own but I know they went down to this level because of my coach's workouts. 
Just one month.  :)  I was kinda down on myself when I started swimming this year because of my times but now I'm optimistic.  In 2 more months, my average lap time should be.,...SHOULD BE even lower than expected.  One of my major motivations still is not showing up to the swim camp in May and looking like a rookie or complete chump in front of so many world class marathon swimmers.  I know Josh and Gords are going to represent Utah well, I better do the same.

4200 today

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  1. I think I made a comment a while ago that you would be able to get back your speed and endurance pretty quick once you got into a regular routine and you are proving me right! Nice work, buddy! I think it's going to be a good year for all of us.