Monday, January 30, 2012


The swim gods love me again!
Todays workout was fantastic.  I got to the pool at 0430 and was ready to go immediately.  I was pretty excited for todays workout.
The workout was basically doing a longer set then some shorter sets in between.  During the longer sets, different paces were used for different distances.  It make me keep track of my laps and mixed things up pretty good.
For some of the inbetween sets, there were 50's on set times.  The first few sets I was doing around 40 sec on average.  As they progressed, the effort increased.  By the last set of 2 I hit :28 and :29.  This was at the end of my workout and I was already tired.  This amazed me.
I did not hold back on any section even at the begining today.  I kept solid pace, did everything I was supposed to, and felt really strong throughout the whole workout.

4200 today

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