Saturday, January 7, 2012


Got up at 0200 this morning thanks to MJ coming into bed and kicking me awake repeatedly.  She normally sleeps great until around 0600 then she tries to come in.  I thought it was 0600 or around there so I was wide awake.  When I got out of bed to get dressed and ready to travel to the gym, I realized it was 0200!  GREAT!!!
Stayed up anyway and when it was time I hit the gym
4 x 1000 with :30 RI or a min depending on chats with other people in lane.

When I finished my swim, I felt FANTASTIC.  I really had a hunger to go 20 more laps to get to 5k but I had to get out to help wife clean up before she leaves for the day.  So this past week, I've thought about swimming when it wasn't a swim day and when I am swimming, I'm doing better than expected, and today I was eager to do more and a bit bummed that I had to get out.  All these are VERY good signs for the upcoming year.  I hope these feelings only grow.

4000 today - as of today I'm 1.25% accomplished on my goal to get 500 miles this year.  Oh yeah!

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