Friday, January 13, 2012


Up at 0400 and was poolside with Kim at 0435.  When I walked out of the locker room she was "boasting" that she beat me to the pool.  I just pointed at the lane she was next to and asked, "Oh really, then who put those 2 kickboards there for us"?  LOL 
300 warmup
8 x 300 - 150 swim, 100 pull then 50 kick
300 CD

On some of the swims, we mixed in some other strokes.  One set we did a 50 fly in the middle.  I finished it but it took quite a bit out of me.  I kept laughing remembering how I used to do sets of 400 fly a couple of years ago regularly and now a 50 fly is kicking my butt!  Good times

3000 total today   Polar Bear plunge tomorrow!!!! - not different from when I get into the Salt Lake weekly but tomorrow it's to raise money.

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