Thursday, July 31, 2014


Interesting day today.  Air was cold this morning when I got in.  I found myself ducking under the water every 20 strokes to warm my back for the first half of the first lap.  Felt pretty good after the first lap and noticed clouds way out in the distance when I started my second lap.  On the second half of the second lap, it got cloudy and the chop increased a little.  Wind was pushing the current west.  I made my last feed as quick as I could.  I purposely swam with the current for the first small part of the 3rd lap so I would have to swim against the current and chop for the long stretch.  Good choice.  It was choppy and forcing me to focus on my stroke and pull strong.  I felt great.  I really picked it up and my energy held.  I got to the last turn around, floated on my back for 10 seconds simulating a feed then headed back.  I was CRUISING and wanted to keep it going.  Just when I was about to finish, I barely caught sight of someone swimming toward me.  I really mean I BARELY saw her.  She had on a black wetsuit, dark hand paddles, and .....a BLACK CAP!  I stopped to chat with her and I noticed she was wearing sandals.  I honestly tried not to laugh.  I was able to steer the conversation to my SSD and being VISIBLE to everyone.  I think she understood the concept.  I just could not believe someone would wear essentially all black for an open water swim. 
Finished my swim and now only have one more day of this hard week left!
Last day of July and this month I racked up 70 miles!  Fantastic month for me!!!  I also am 8th in the nation in my age group for distance swam this year.  Very close to the next few above me so we shall see if I overtake them.  I know the one above me is watching me like a hawk!

4.5 miles OW

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Rain this morning and lots of it.  When I pulled into JN parking lot, it was pouring.  I actually wondered if anyone would show up.  Josh and Lisa soon showed up. I made my way down to the ramp and stood waist deep in the pouring rain and waited for them to come down.  It was actually kinda fun.  It was so foggy and rainy that the buoys could hardly be seen.
They only did one lap and I stayed to do 2 more.  Rain had stopped by the end of the first lap.  They both left and I started lap 2.  I passed a buoy and decided to swim "natural" for the next 2 laps.  No one is around and so it seemed safe.  As soon as I was far enough away from my suit, sure enough, here comes a boat!  They were pretty far away but the coincidence did make me laugh.  Finished my 2nd lap and made a quick feed eating and drinking while on my back.  Lap 3 seemed to go by quick.  My mind was active and the time just flew by.
Finished my 3 laps and was glad to be done.  I did not feel good today.  I felt like complete garbage my first lap.  Arms were slow, I was sleepy, unmotivated, and plain tired.  I just wanted to go home.  At a buzz bite then one swiss cake roll.  Wanted to make sure I can still handle these.  This helped the 2nd lap and I started swimming a bit better.  At the 2nd roll before 3rd lap.  This one stuck with me a bit.  I'll make sure to only eat one per "treat" on my swim.
I was glad I stuck it out to do 3 laps = 4.5 miles but was glad it was over.  Not my day today. 
I did remember to get my suit on the way in!

On a GREAT note...I passed 300 miles today for the year.  I'm rocking out the miles and happy with my progress this year.

4.5 miles OW

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Bad weather last night and predicted this morning so I went to the KEARNS pool.  No idea why but I did not hear my alarm and woke up on my own right after 0500.  I was supposed to get up at 0430 but oh well. 
Got to the pool and was ready to get going.  Glad it was raining and nasty out to justify my decision to ditch JN!
1000 WU
12 (50 kick then 50 swim then 50 build)
100 kick
100 fast pace
1000 pull with snorkel
Ladders by 100 up to 500 then repeat back down
500 with snorkel and pull
500 snorkel
100 CD

For some reason, I screwed up my math and thought I needed to do 8100 to hit my daily quota of 4.5 miles.  I ended up doing 8100 LCM which put me at 5 miles.  I was 1/2 mile over, but it's better than 1/2 mile under!
Tested out buzz bites a bit more and no problems.  I need to test out a few more foods to make sure they are still good with me.

8100 LCM

Monday, July 28, 2014


GREAT swim today.
Alarm went off at 0245!  Yikes this is early.  Needed to get gas, then drive an hour to meet others at Pineview.  Around 0415, Sarah, Gordon, and Chad arrived.  We all wanted and were eager to do an night swim.  Gords wasn't feeling up to swimming so he brought his kayak.  We all were in by 0445 and swimming.  We did the long buoy route first.  Chad had to get out and head to work after that.  Sarah stayed and 2 other women joined us.  Gordon knows them and they are newer to the OW scene.  Gordon paddled next to the one that was very nervous about swimming and Sarah stayed with her too.  I swam with Emily to do a regular buoy route.  We stopped every buoy on the way out.  The farther she went, the more confident she became.  Hit the turnaround and swam the whole way back without her stopping.  It was easy going but she was steady.  Finished the mile and she felt great.  I could see it on her face that she was really proud of what she had just done.  LOVE moments like this!
Helped Gords with his kayak then headed back down for another mile solo.  Everyone was now gone but I still was not done.  Did another cigarette buoy route   My arms were cold again from the last mile so I just let my mind wonder a bit. 
Finished the last mile and was done.  My quota this week is 4.5 per day.

It was really good seeing Chad and Sarah this morning and swimming with them.  Another beautiful sunrise swim at PV!

4.5 miles OW

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Great swim today.  Got out to the ocean and it was cloudy.  It was as calm as I've seen the ocean this entire trip.  Glad to be able to swim.  The first mile was nice and easy.  The second mile it clouded over with dark clouds and I thought that I might have to finish my swim after 2 miles.  When I stopped to get a drink, I noticed that the clouds were moving and behind the clouds was clear and beautiful.  No thunder or even rain so one more I go!
As soon as I started my 3rd mile, the sun broke through and the Beatles' song "Here Comes the Sun" came to mind.  I was about 1/4 way into my last lap and a small shark followed me a bit.  He was a little guy (barely 2 feet long) but I could tell it was a shark.  I just remembered swimming with Grace Van Der Beil and the shark that was under us bigger than me and I was able to remain calm.
I continued to pick up my pace until the 1/2 mile turnaround point.  I simulated taking a feed then headed back.  The last 1/2 mile I really cranked it.  I felt strong and full of energy.  My pulls were solid and I know I was cruising at a high speed.  Finished feeling GREAT!  I really wish I could have gone for a LOT more.  I had to get out to meet a friend for lunch.
Great 3 mile swim today.  I'm at 15.2 miles this week so far.  This 15 has come quick and I barely feel like I've swam at all this week.  Travel day tomorrow then I'll probably swim Sat to make my 20.
I will miss the ocean.  It has been great swimming in it and I'm already looking forward to the next time I can be in an ocean.
3 miles OW

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Easy stretch out day today.  Went to the ocean before noon and decided to play with my 2 girls for awhile before going for my swim.  I was having a great time and finally they were worn out enough for me to go for my swim.  Problem was that I did not drink very much and the sun was at the highest and hottest.  I only planned on doing 1 or two anyhow.  I did one mile and came in to make sure everything was ok.  Both my girls wanted more play time so I obliged.  They headed in for lunch and I went back for one more mile.  I felt ok going out but at halfway I CRASHED!  I felt the sun beating down on me and my energy being drained by the minute.  I slowed down considerably and just focused on good technique for the second half.  I practically crawled onto the shore when I was done.  Was glad I did an easy two but paid for when I did my swim and not taking feeds.

2 miles OW

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Needed a longer swim today without having to haggle family to refill my water bottle every hour.  Alarm went off at 0430 and there is a YMCA not far from here.  Arrived at 0500 and paid for a 1 day membership.  They have a lot of people on vacation here all summer so they have weekly or daily rates.  It's pricey but as long as I was planning on being there, it isn't so bad.
This place also is a SCM pool.  A bit more rare to find.

1500 WU
500 K
Ladders by 50 up to 500,repeat, then back down.  The ladder back down I either did N/S or pulled harder the last 200.  I really went quick on the last 100 and 50
12(25K then 50 swim)
100 back
Ladder by 50 up to 200, repeat, then back down
2(200 swim then 50 breast)

10,000 SCM
Did the swimming part in under 3 hours.  I had to get out a few times for refilling my bottle and changing up lanes etc.

Felt good today.  2 days into the week and I'm already at 10 miles.  Not bad.  One month from today I start my Bear Lake crossing.  Looking forward to it.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Weather was nice today so I was able to get back in the ocean.  I walked a 1/2 mile out and memorized the house so I knew the turn around point.  Ended up doing 4 laps today.  Took me 3 to really feel comfortable.  There was a pretty good wind and current heading toward the beach so it felt like I was swimming with a 10 degree angle in order to go straight the entire swim.  Kinda fun.

4 miles OW

Thursday, July 17, 2014


2 days of what I will call traveling HELL are over.  We are in the Outer Banks for our yearly week long vacation.  I have not been able to swim the past 2 days.  I was restless yesterday since our flight got bumped back 24 hours.
Slept in while Patricia went for a run.  When she got back I was able to hit the beach.  Atlantic Ocean was calm and inviting.  I could tell she missed me.  I missed her too.
I measured out a landmark yesterday that is .5 miles away.  Did 3 laps to get 3 miles.  After each lap, I swam in close enough to shore to stand up and get a drink.  Then I would swim past the break and parallel to shore.  I could feel the 2 days of travel.  My body was tired but my mind was HAPPY.  Probably was swimming slow as tar but did not care today.

3 miles OW...happily!


Met Josh and 4 other people at JN this morning.  I had already done one lap by the time they arrived.  It was a full moon over the weekend.  The skies were clear and the moon lit up the whole lake.  It was calm and BEAUTIFUL.  I did not have to wait for the sun to start to rise before I got in.  I could see everything fine.  Got one lap in before the others showed up.  Did 2 more laps with them then had to get home.

4.5 miles OW

Saturday, July 12, 2014


At the pool at 0700.  Only needed to do 1100 LCM to meet my goal.  DONE!
1000 snorkel
100 easy free

1100 LCM

This put me at exactly 20.12 miles for the week.  Got my goal of 20 miles.  Pretty happy about this.  I am 98% sure of my date for my Bear Lake crossing. 

Friday, July 11, 2014


Went to pool nearby and helped someone I know with a lesson.  Easy stretch out day today.

1500 LCM

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Went to JN this morning.  I am normally there M,W,F but Josh posted he wanted to go Thursday so I changed my days.  I was in the water at 0530.  I only wanted to do 3 laps.  First lap was decent but my arms were sore from yesterday.  I felt better the second lap but I was daydreaming way too much and it slowed me down a bit.  The third lap I caught up with Liz and we swam it together.  I picked up my pace some and even added on a little more by going between some buoys a few more times.  On the last stretch, I progressively got faster with each buoy I passed.  When I hit the last turn around, I was tired so I did a lot of breast and EASY swimming until I got to the next buoy.  I then did a 100% spring to the next buoy.  Whatever was left in my tank got spent.  I coasted to the end and was glad to be done.  I had a good enough swim.  I'm at 18.5 miles today.  Easy swim tomorrow and maybe a tiny swim Sat to make sure I make it over 20 miles.
It was good seeing Josh this morning.  Only saw him and chatted for 30 seconds as we passed each other but it was still nice.

4.65 miles OW

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I got up early today and was at JN by 0500.  I actually had to sit in my car and wait for a little bit of light.  It was cloudy at the lake so I couldn't rely on the moon or any ambient light to show me the cigarette buoys. 
I did 4 laps today which is around 6 miles.  I think one of the end buoys is moving farther away.  I did a stroke count and don't remember it being that high a # for that distance.  I did around 6 miles and kept my feeds short.  It still took 3 and 1/2 hours total.  This discouraged me a bit.  I am going to re-measure the distance and do some timing splits.  I really don't want to be swimming anything slower than a 30 min mile including feeds.  That would just be sad!
Good new is that I've not only passed 250 miles for the year this week but as of today, I'm back on pace to meet my goal of 500 miles by the end of the year!  Awww Yiss!

6 miles OW....but hoping it was more!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Met some people at the pool today that wanted some help with their stroke.  The number of people that want help is growing.  I mainly take it easy these days and stretch out when I do swim.

I swam back and forth helping them and getting a LOT of rest between 50's and 100's.  I did get to do a 500 snorkel and 500 swim at the end solo.

2500 LCM

Monday, July 7, 2014


Met Gords at PV today at 0530.  Haven't seen him in awhile and it was nice to meet up with a good friend for a swim.  I planned on being there for awhile and he only had time for one loop.  Out of curiosity, I wore his swimmerbuddy instead of my SSD.  I'll admit that I actually like it quite a bit.  I'm seriously thinking about getting one now.  I did my traditional buoy lap and Gords wanted to stick to the outer edges and do a longer loop.  I finished my lap and Gords was still really far away.  I swam a bit more to kill some time.  He came in and I needed my keys to get some more grease on me.  I was pretty impressed with the swimmerbuddy and Gords offered to let me borrow his.  I declined but have been doubting that decision ever since. 
I did another buoy lap but this time I turned my GPS on.  When I finished, it read 1.8.  That is about right.  I decided to do the longer loop for my last one.  Gords said he thought it was just under 2 miles.  Boy was he wrong!  LOL  I finished the longer loop knowing there was no way I just swam barely 2 miles.  Final distance on my GPS read 4.32 which means the loop was 2.5 miles!  Just a bit off...
With my 1.8 added to that and the extra I swam, I know I did over 6.3 miles.  I'll round down to say 6.3 only.  Rather sell myself short on distance than put a longer distance down I did not do.
I felt great when I was done.  Time moved by quick enough and my arms felt good for the whole swim.  Easy day tomorrow then another 6 miles for Wed.
Thanks for joining me Gordon.  It was good seeing you.

6.3 miles OW

Friday, July 4, 2014


Wife was running this morning so I had to swim when the whole family went to the pool for fun time.  I don't particularly like going to pools to "hang out" or "play around"...I just don't get it.  I packed my gear and did a light swim.

500 WU
1000 snorkel
500 pll
4 ( 200 swim 50 breast)
500 easy, did some hypoxic work.

3500 SCY

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Was planning a rest day today but got a text at 0605 that the person I am helping work on swimming was there.  He did not get my text in time about me taking the day off.  Felt guilty and headed to the pool.  I mainly swam back and forth helping him and only really got in an easy 500 by myself at the end.

1000 LCM

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


At JN this morning and was in the water by 0520.  I was not really motivated this morning and had already mentally resigned to being happy if I only did 2 laps.  It normally takes me about a mile to warm up.  Today I finished my first lap (1.5 miles) and I wasn't feeling any better.  Liz arrived and I told her I wasn't feeling up to doing 3 today.  My triceps and sides just flat out hurt.  Each pull I felt a twing of tiny pain.  I guess I pushed it a bit too much on that pull set yesterday.  Once we got to the first turn around, I started to feel a bit better.  Muscles finally warmed up and I started to pull better.  I shortened my stroke slightly but increased my rotation.  I started swimming a LOT faster.  I felt much better and was on a good fast cruise speed for the rest of the lap.  Even Liz noticed how fast I was going.  She was done with one but I felt good enough to do one more.  Finished my feeds and headed back out.  I kept the quick stroke count going.  Not sure how my speed was but I felt pretty good.  When I was on the home stretch, I got a bit tired out.  I was hungry and my arms started to ache.  I needed some Vitamin I!  I eased back and did technique work for the last 1/4 mile.  I'm going to start ramping it up with this faster rotation and see how it goes. 

4.55 miles OW

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Pool day today.
500 WU
2 x 50 kick then 100 breast or back down then free build back
200 kick
500 snorkel and paddle
500 swim
5 x 100 pull hard
6 x 50 build
4 x 50 easy

Friend of mine joined me so I was helping him out the last part of my workout.  He needs some help swimming and with his stroke and technique.  I like helping people with swimming.  Love coaching.

3000 LCM