Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Easy stretch out day today.  Went to the ocean before noon and decided to play with my 2 girls for awhile before going for my swim.  I was having a great time and finally they were worn out enough for me to go for my swim.  Problem was that I did not drink very much and the sun was at the highest and hottest.  I only planned on doing 1 or two anyhow.  I did one mile and came in to make sure everything was ok.  Both my girls wanted more play time so I obliged.  They headed in for lunch and I went back for one more mile.  I felt ok going out but at halfway I CRASHED!  I felt the sun beating down on me and my energy being drained by the minute.  I slowed down considerably and just focused on good technique for the second half.  I practically crawled onto the shore when I was done.  Was glad I did an easy two but paid for when I did my swim and not taking feeds.

2 miles OW

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