Thursday, July 10, 2014


Went to JN this morning.  I am normally there M,W,F but Josh posted he wanted to go Thursday so I changed my days.  I was in the water at 0530.  I only wanted to do 3 laps.  First lap was decent but my arms were sore from yesterday.  I felt better the second lap but I was daydreaming way too much and it slowed me down a bit.  The third lap I caught up with Liz and we swam it together.  I picked up my pace some and even added on a little more by going between some buoys a few more times.  On the last stretch, I progressively got faster with each buoy I passed.  When I hit the last turn around, I was tired so I did a lot of breast and EASY swimming until I got to the next buoy.  I then did a 100% spring to the next buoy.  Whatever was left in my tank got spent.  I coasted to the end and was glad to be done.  I had a good enough swim.  I'm at 18.5 miles today.  Easy swim tomorrow and maybe a tiny swim Sat to make sure I make it over 20 miles.
It was good seeing Josh this morning.  Only saw him and chatted for 30 seconds as we passed each other but it was still nice.

4.65 miles OW

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