Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Needed a longer swim today without having to haggle family to refill my water bottle every hour.  Alarm went off at 0430 and there is a YMCA not far from here.  Arrived at 0500 and paid for a 1 day membership.  They have a lot of people on vacation here all summer so they have weekly or daily rates.  It's pricey but as long as I was planning on being there, it isn't so bad.
This place also is a SCM pool.  A bit more rare to find.

1500 WU
500 K
Ladders by 50 up to 500,repeat, then back down.  The ladder back down I either did N/S or pulled harder the last 200.  I really went quick on the last 100 and 50
12(25K then 50 swim)
100 back
Ladder by 50 up to 200, repeat, then back down
2(200 swim then 50 breast)

10,000 SCM
Did the swimming part in under 3 hours.  I had to get out a few times for refilling my bottle and changing up lanes etc.

Felt good today.  2 days into the week and I'm already at 10 miles.  Not bad.  One month from today I start my Bear Lake crossing.  Looking forward to it.

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