Monday, June 30, 2014


Up at 0430 despite having a really busy and fun weekend with my 2 girls.  Just was not in the mood for swimming.  Water felt fine but my arms were not happy to be moving. 
Finished one lap and saw Liz getting going.  We met up to do my 3rd lap together.  I was swimming slow and sloppy.  Finished 3 laps but it felt like I had been in the water much longer than usual.  Glad I finished 3 laps but glad it was over!

4.5 miles OW

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Was at work last night until 0130 and did not get to bed until 0230.  Alarm went off at 0530.  I was supposed to meet someone at the pool for a lesson.  I needed to swim anyway.  3 hours of sleep. YES!  Needless to say, I was pretty tired.  The other person was a no show and I ended up only doing 3k LCM.

500 snorkel
6 x 50 kick then 50 back/breast then 50 free.  No rest
100 easy
1000 snorkel

My effort was minimal and I was actually falling asleep for some sets.  Meh!

3000 LCM

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Wanted to get 4 laps in today.  Woke up at 0430 and was at the lake and ready to get in by 0530.  The sun was just rising enough that I could see some of the buoys.  I did one lap solo then as I was coming in for a feed, Liz was ready to get in.
Did 2 laps with her then she was done.  I did one more solo.  I felt pretty good the entire swim.  Never really pushed it but I held a steady pace the whole swim.  I am glad I did 4 laps. 
Was really psyched that Liz did 2 laps.  She is still relatively new to OW and already she is up to 3 miles.  Her fear or OW is dying quickly and she is getting better at not running me over so much!  :)
LOVE seeing new swimmers progress like this.  Way to go Liz!

6 miles OW

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


blah day today.  Alarm went off and I had 0 motivation to get up.
This carried over to the pool.

1000 snorkel
500 pull
6 (50K then 100 NS)
100 - 50 back/50 breast
1000 snorkel
2 x 200 NS
100 easy

Just was not my day today.  Mentally and physically I was checked out.  I swam slow, and thought only about going home and back to bed.  Just one of those days today.

4000 LCM

Monday, June 23, 2014


Met Liz at Jordanelle at 0600.  Water was 62.  Was definitely doing 2 laps but brought enough feeds for 3.  I needed to be quick about it since I had a massage scheduled this morning.  Started off a bit quick hoping to get my arms going sooner.  Still took over a mile until I felt my body relax.
Got done with 2 laps and knew I had time for 3.  I almost was done at 2 but I knew I would feel more satisfaction if I did 3.  Glad I did. 
Got out and felt great. 

4.5 miles OW

Friday, June 20, 2014


Met Liz at Jordanelle this morning at 0600.  Water was still 59.  Felt better this morning going in.
Just did one lap.  Arms were sore from yesterday.  My stroke wasn't that great and I was mentally distracted for most of the swim.  Got my lap in and was fine getting out after just one.

1.5 miles OW

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Everyone dropped out on me yesterday to go to Jordanelle.  I woke up and saw it was below freezing outside where Jordanelle is.  Decided that even though I would be fine IN the water, the air OUT of the water might freeze me.  I thought better than to do a sub freezing weather swim solo.  Decided to do a longer swim the next day.
That brings us to today...
Went to KEARNS

500 K
500 Pull
1000 snorkel
10 x 50 build
500 free
10 (50 back/breast then 100 free)
ladders by 100 up to 500 repeat back down.  First half was with snorkel and pull.  2nd half was free.
500 K
10 x 200 NS
300 easy mixing in w/e I wanted
600 snorkel
100 easy

I brought treats for myself and they wall seemed to work well.  Got sore at certain points but I had some pain pill that did the trick.  My speed went down some at the end but my stroke held up great the whole way.  My triceps and sides were REALLY sore when I was finishing.  I did the "blind" drill constantly through the workout where I would swim a certain stroke count with my eyes closed.  I was still swimming pretty much straight even at the very end.  Made me happy.

13,000 LCM 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Supposed to rain and possible thunderstorm today.  Woke up and the streets were dry.  Headed to the pool anyway.  This pool can be quirky sometimes and they close it when it rains too much...afraid we'll get wet or something!
I had it in my mind for some reason that 2-3k would be fine today.  It was cloudy, air was cold, and the entire top of the pool was steam so thick I couldn't see the other side.  Fantastic!

1000 snorkel
5 x 200 pull NS
1000 swim
500 snorkel
500 snorkel and pull
500 CD
I was at 4300 when they started pulling the lane lines.  They have a high school summer team practice there in the morning and they switch from 50 LCM to 25 SCY.  I dove under the lane lines my last 2 laps.  Was fun but I refused to stop at 4300.  Too ugly of a number to end on!

4500 much for 2k being ok for today!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Checked the water temps last night and saw that Jordanelle was reading 63.  Perfect.  I arrived at 0600 and got ready.  I was solo but there is no boat traffic that early and there is an easy buoy route to follow so I felt safe.  Checked the temp and it read 59.  So much for 63.  Must have had some recent mountain run off cooling the lake some.  I did not have a swim cap so when I got in, it hurt my head.  Slowly made my way to the first buoy.  Took me longer to adjust than normal.  I've lost 15 pounds so far and clearly my extra layer of fat is not there to keep me warm anymore.  I finally adjusted and did one full "T" lap.  Got out and it read 1.53 miles.  Took a feed and headed back in.  The wind was howling the whole time so the swim was against the current heading east and with the current heading west.  So half the swim was easy and the other half I had to focus on good pulls.  I felt good today but I got cold...let me say that again...I got COLD in 59 degree water.  My core was fine but for some reason, my hands and feet were complaining the entire swim.
Did a second lap and picked up the pace some.  Arms held out and I felt good even though I did inhale some water once.
Got out and my feet went numb.  Got in my car and blasted the heat.  The water was cold but the air was colder.  The wind did not help.  Glad I went for a second lap.  I added some extra on my way against the current on the second lap to make sure I'd go over 3 miles.
Felt like a wimp for being cold but also happy that I'm getting cold because it means that all my fat-ass tissue is going away.  I may completely wimp out at 59 degrees if I hit my target weight of 190!

3.1 miles OW

Friday, June 13, 2014


Went to Alta Canyon pool near my house. 50 LCM outdoors is always nice.
Got in exactly at 0600 and decided to keep my breaks short.

1000 snorkel
1000 pull
10 (50 back then 50 free - 50 breast then 50 free build)
500 snorkel and pull
500 free

Got 4000 LCM in.  Was glad I got 4k  This will be my standard now for Tue and Thu swims.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

12Jun14 - Back to MY reservoir

Picked up Lizbee Lu this morning and we headed up to Pineview.  It was great seeing PV again.  I realized I actually missed it once I got in.  I wanted to do the Goody loop so Liz was game.  We headed to the orange buoy line before the dam.  They must have moved it a bit closer than it was last year.  Round trip last year was 2 miles.  When we got back, it was 1.87.  I just simply can NOT settle for that.  Headed back out and swam a bit more to push over 2 miles.
Liz seemed to be having a good time.  The water was 67 so I was happy.  Still too warm.  Only took me 3 strokes and I was adjusted.  Had a good swim overall.  I did a lot of thinking about my training today while I was swimming.  I have healed enough from the car crash and my chiro has said I'm progressing well in most of my body.  I'm going to crank up my mileage starting next week.  I really want to do Bear Lake and so I better get into doing 20+ miles per week again.  This means longer swims M,W,F and pool workouts T and Th.  I will go for really long swims on Sat.  This is at least the plan.

2 miles OW...This swim put me at 200 miles for the year so far.  23 miles behind pace but I'll make it up soon enough.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Met up with Gordon this morning at GSL.  2 other swimmers were there.  One was the winner of the 8 mile this past Sat.  The 2nd was a first timer to GSL and openly admitted she is a bit newer to the OW scene.  I decided to split the groups and Gordon went off with the stronger swimmer and I stayed back with Liz to just be safe.  She and I did the buoy route.  She ended up loving the lake.  We stopped at each buoy on the way out and every other on the way back.  Was a pleasant swim even though she goosed me once and clawed me a few other times.  Pool swimmers...gotta love it!
She was done after one buoy route and so I swam back to the boat ramp with her.  Took a feed then she headed home.  I wanted more so I did a Gridley Straight.  Water was warm and I doubt I'll get too many more swims in for this half of the year.
I swam solid on the way to Blackrock and focused on my stroke.  I felt good.  Real good.  After turning around, I decided to push it.  If I crash, so what.  I swam strong and felt strong.  I kept pushing myself every few hundred strokes to pick it up even more.  I was really cranking it out about 400 yards from the marina entrance buoy.  Still felt good.  Hit the buoy and swam the rest of the way nice and easy.
Was a GREAT swim.

3.65 miles OW

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Easy swim today.
Met with Sue at 0600.  She had a workout planned and I was happy to swim with my buddy again.
400 WU
200 kick
10 x 50 build
5 x 100 drill down and swim back
2(100 free 50 back)
100 CD

2000 LCM

Monday, June 2, 2014


Chiro gave me the okay to swim 1/2 my workouts without a snorkel.  I was excited to swim this morning, even though I was sleepy.

1000 snorkel
10 x 100 on the 2:00 free
10 x 100 (back-free then breast-free)  The back and breast count as non head moving.
500 paddles with snorkel
200 kick snorkel
100 swim snorkel
200 kick snorkel
4 x 200 Even swim odds pull free
200 easy CD

I did exactly half my workout free and other half with either snorkel or non head rotating strokes.  It was a good break and glad I could do 5k.

5000 LCM