Monday, June 16, 2014


Checked the water temps last night and saw that Jordanelle was reading 63.  Perfect.  I arrived at 0600 and got ready.  I was solo but there is no boat traffic that early and there is an easy buoy route to follow so I felt safe.  Checked the temp and it read 59.  So much for 63.  Must have had some recent mountain run off cooling the lake some.  I did not have a swim cap so when I got in, it hurt my head.  Slowly made my way to the first buoy.  Took me longer to adjust than normal.  I've lost 15 pounds so far and clearly my extra layer of fat is not there to keep me warm anymore.  I finally adjusted and did one full "T" lap.  Got out and it read 1.53 miles.  Took a feed and headed back in.  The wind was howling the whole time so the swim was against the current heading east and with the current heading west.  So half the swim was easy and the other half I had to focus on good pulls.  I felt good today but I got cold...let me say that again...I got COLD in 59 degree water.  My core was fine but for some reason, my hands and feet were complaining the entire swim.
Did a second lap and picked up the pace some.  Arms held out and I felt good even though I did inhale some water once.
Got out and my feet went numb.  Got in my car and blasted the heat.  The water was cold but the air was colder.  The wind did not help.  Glad I went for a second lap.  I added some extra on my way against the current on the second lap to make sure I'd go over 3 miles.
Felt like a wimp for being cold but also happy that I'm getting cold because it means that all my fat-ass tissue is going away.  I may completely wimp out at 59 degrees if I hit my target weight of 190!

3.1 miles OW

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