Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Supposed to rain and possible thunderstorm today.  Woke up and the streets were dry.  Headed to the pool anyway.  This pool can be quirky sometimes and they close it when it rains too much...afraid we'll get wet or something!
I had it in my mind for some reason that 2-3k would be fine today.  It was cloudy, air was cold, and the entire top of the pool was steam so thick I couldn't see the other side.  Fantastic!

1000 snorkel
5 x 200 pull NS
1000 swim
500 snorkel
500 snorkel and pull
500 CD
I was at 4300 when they started pulling the lane lines.  They have a high school summer team practice there in the morning and they switch from 50 LCM to 25 SCY.  I dove under the lane lines my last 2 laps.  Was fun but I refused to stop at 4300.  Too ugly of a number to end on!

4500 LCM...so much for 2k being ok for today!

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