Friday, May 31, 2013


 Went to the GSL marina today at 1700.  Got there a bit early and Gords gave me my new custom designed Speedo.  The design looks great.  Today out there was Gords, Josh, Sue, Chad, Stacey, and me.  Howard Berkes from NPR was there and wanted to do an interview about our swim group.  He asked some really good questions and we all took turns answering him.  Every time the mic was in front of me, the main thoughts I had were, "Don't sound like a jackass" and "Make the club sound good".  By far, the BEST line came from Gords when he said that people that live around the GSL that spread bad rumors and people that won't even come here to swim are just ignorant.  I had to suppress a laugh.  It's very true but it's just funny hearing Gordon be so blunt.
I thought the interview went well and I'm really hoping it goes national soon and does a lot to promote our group and encourages people to come out.
We all headed down to the boat ramp and started getting in.   Howard kept talking to me as I was getting in.  He asked about my scars and when I told him it was from surgery for cancer, I could tell I had opened up an interesting topic to him.  I took off and did a shorter loop with Josh.  It felt great to be in the water even though it felt pretty warm.   I just kept focusing on my stroke and going to the buoy that runs juxtapose to the  marina.  When I got to the other end of the buoy, Josh and I decided to head in on the other side.   We finished our swim and as we were rinsing off, Howard talked to us some more.  After he chatted with us for about 20 minutes, I challenged him to try the water.  He took me on my "dare" and went to the dock next to the boat ramp.  he recorded himself as he leaned down, took a handful of GSL water, put it in his mouth, rinsed it around, spit it out, then proceeded to holler about how awful the water was.  He turned to Josh and me and asked, "THIS is the water that constantly goes into your mouth"?  lol  He appreciated what we do now and will be able to give a more accurate description and appreciation for us and what we do.  BINGO!
Josh and I just laughed.
It was another great day on the lake.

.6 miles OW

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Met Sue at Kearns pool again at 0500.  I planned a workout last night in my head while going to sleep.  I was glad I remembered it this morning.
10 x 300 will be the workout.

300 WU
300 pull
300 kick
300 (100 free, 100 IM, 100 free)
300 swim
300 pull
300 kick
300 (50 free, 200 IM, 50 free)
300 hypoxic - 3-5-3 down and 2-3-2 back
300 CD  Did one 50 where I did breathing on the 9.  Was fine first half but 2nd half I struggled.

3000M total.

Sue and I were actually making good time.  We were ahead on the clock and the 2nd half of the workout, we seemed to take a bit longer on the breaks.  We easily could squeeze in a 4000 once I'm ready for it and we keep our breaks between sets at a shorter time.
I felt good today.  I did tire but not as much and not as fast.  Having someone to swim with definitely helps prevent you from slacking too much.  There were a couple of times where I wouldn't have minded getting a few more seconds rest, mainly to be lazy, but Sue would take off.  Oh well, might was well go too!

Monday, May 27, 2013

27May13 - Adventure on the high seas!

Annie came to my father in laws place at 0900.  We loaded up the kayak and supplies then headed to GSL Marina.  We met Josh, Sue, her husband, and Stacey there.  Anne and I needed to do some work together to get ready for our 8 mile race in 2 weeks.  It was a beautiful day at the lake.  There was however some wind and chop today.  Nothing unusual but it did make you at least pay attention.
Annie and I headed towards Blackrock while the others did their own thing.  Annie was having a tough time with the waves.  First, I did....I fell off the kayak when trying to turn to sharp and a wave caught me at the right time.  What a way to start.  While getting back into the kayak, Anne was "holding" it and it rocked again and in the lake I went...again!  I couldn't stop laughing.  By the time I got situated, Josh swam up and was joking that he was going to tip me over.  He didn't believe me at first when I told him he was too late!
Anne and I set off and I was getting her to try various places and distances from the kayak to see what she prefers.  The waves were really bothering her and she kept stopping to cough up water.
Once we got near Blackrock, she said she wasn't having any fun and was thinking about ending her swim.  She was having some serious mental doubt about her abilities.  I just humored her as she would stop to complain, curse, or just look in a complete daze every 5 minutes.  She really wanted to quit after about 40 minutes but I told her to just swim next to me and we will head back towards the marina.  No stopping no matter what.  She followed next to me and by the time we got to the red buoy, she was fine. 
I asked if she wanted to stop now and she said she was ready for more.  I made her say it out loud over and over, "I'm fine and I want more"!  We ended up doing a huge slow circle and this time when she was facing the waved, it didn't bother her as much.  The last treat was heading straight into the marina which meant we were with the current.  Easy sailing.
When we got to the last red buoy before the marina opening, Anne said she felt fantastic.  She was not tired at all and could do this all day if she wanted.  Some physical things she noticed like a few rub marks and her tongue was starting to pickle but otherwise she was fine.  She even admitted her complaining earlier was all in her head.
We got back in and she was just under 3 miles.  Not bad for our first swim/kayak together.  I now know to ignore her complaining and profanity for at least the first hour of the race.
We loaded up the kayak and I got in the water.  Anne came with me and we just went out of the marina and to the first buoy.  It was a bit rough out there but nothing I haven't done hundreds of times in the ocean or GSL before.  Felt good to be out there.
---When we were getting in, I was standing there finding my "hot spring" as I always do.  Anne was too and there was a guy loading up his small boat right next to us.  I made a hot spring remark and he asked, in complete seriousness, "There's a hot spring there"?  I replied, "Yes, it's right between my legs"!  It took him about 2 seconds before he understood and started laughing.  Anne and I were laughing too but once we got out to the buoy, I made a remark and we both got an even bigger laugh out of it since he couldn't hear/see us laughing at him.  It will never be forgotten!

Annie - over 3 miles total
Me - Around 1/4 mile...I guess!

Friday, May 24, 2013

24May13 - Accountability

Really unhappy when the alarm went off this morning.  I was at the Bee's baseball game last night so I did not get home until past 2200 and did not fall asleep until around 2300.  Alarm was set for 0400.  Long day and I only get 5 hours sleep!  The ONLY reason I didn't say "screw it" and go back to bed was because I had given my word to Sue that I would meet her at Kearns pools this morning at 0500.
Sue and I are acquaintances right now more than friends.  I'm sure this will greatly improve over time but reality is that we barely know each other.  This does not matter, I gave my word to someone that I would do something so I'm going to do it.  This was one of those instances where personal character comes into play.  All in all, it would not have been a big deal if I did not show up.  She would have just trained anyway but this much is true, you are more willing to train harder and show up if you know someone is counting on you to be there.
It was great swimming with her and I ended up having a lot of fun.  She's going to be a good training partner this winter.
5 x 100 WU
4 x 150 pull (this was really tough toward the end)
4 x 100 K
10 x 50 intervals.  I was trying to get set times but I got tired and needed to increase my rest.  Kept pace with Sue on last one...which was HARD!
4 x 50 IM order with short rest on wall
2 x 100 IM ( changed stroke midway)
1 x 100 NS (Hit :50 then :48.  I was trying for :45 on 2nd 50 and was in almost a dead sprint last 25 but just tanked!)
100 easy
1 x 100 NS
3 x 100 CD

3000 LCM total

I was officially COOKED when I got out!  My biggest handicap right now ( among ALL of them) are my lungs.  My lungs are very small and are taking their sweet time opening up.  I need to do some hyphoxic training but I know for sure I'm not ready for that just yet.  I can feel myself improving but I still get a bit down on myself for how slow I am and how little I can do.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Woke up at 0445 and headed to the pool near work.  I was walking to the pool when I saw something BEAUTIFUL.  Water Polo there is over so they converted the lanes for 50M!!!  I actually got really excited.  Sue had told me about it but somehow I had forgotten.
Got in and was glad about 2 things:
1) I could see the other end of the pool  (this means it was CLEAR and not so full of chlorine/crap)
2) It was FAR away!

5 x 100 WU
5 x 100 K
3 x 100 swim (Tossed in a 50 fly just for fun.  Wasn't too bad)
200 IM nice and easy
4 x 50 Pull
100 pull
200 CD

Sets were short again and the pulling sets really hurt my arms.  Still building up and my lungs are slowly opening up.  I am back to being bilateral on my breathing with no problems.  I did a few 50's only breathing to my right and didn't really notice a difference so that is good.

2000 LCM

On a side note, I chatted with the Masters coach there for awhile.  We walked in together and she would say hi in between my sets. Nice lady.  Tried to talk her into coming out to GSL for some swims with us.  She did Deer Creek 10 mile last year so long open water swims are no stranger to her.  Others overheard us talking and I got a few questions while changing in the locker room.  I didn't get their names but I hope they come out.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Went to the pool at 1545.  The effects from the swim Monday took longer than expected to recover from.  I decided to just do some speed work but also try some "distance".  I got in and did:
5 x 100 on 2:00
100 easy
500 free.  I got around 8:15 for this.  My lungs were REALLY hurting after this.
4 x 50 on the 1:00.  I needed to hit :40 for each one and I did.  Last one was tough
100 with a steady faster pace.  I hit 1:22 which I was okay with.
100 easy CD

1500 total

I was happy with how I did today.  Was tired at the end of each set but I know I am improving.  The 500 was a pretty good mental victory for me.  Going to GSL tomorrow afternoon and will be doing longer swims to see how it goes.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Sue recommended a pool that she said is near where I work.  I checked it out today after I got off.  Holy cow this place is CLOSE to where I work!  Less than 2 miles and barely a 5 minute drive.
The pool is set up for water polo practice most of the time but several lanes are left open all the time for lap swimmers. 
I got in and decided to just see what happens. 
10 x 50 on the1:00
5 x 100 on the 2:00
5 x 100 K with fins
5 x 100 (25 fast, 75 moderate)
The last 100 I ended up doing 50 hard and 50 EASY.  I got :36 which made me LAUGH.  I used to break :30 with minimal effort.  Now I was going full throttle and not even close.  It was for fun.

2000 yards in total.  I felt pretty good for most of the sets.  The kicking hurt at the end.  I am going to start adding some distance sets in soon enough.

The pool was nice and I had my own lane the whole time.  Sue was there when I got out and she told me that it opens at 0500 and there is hardly anyone there in the mornings.  Considering how close this place is to my work, I will most likely get a year pass there and be able to swim from 0500-0700 daily then head to work.  I'll be able to get more yards in per day that way!  :)

Thanks Sue!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Met with Gords, Jim, Etsuko, and Stacey at GSL marina at 1200.  I was pretty excited about the swim today.  Today I was going to really see what I can do and where I stand as far as my physical condition/stamina is.  Stacey, Jim, and I all were behind Gordon as he took off for a longer swim.  I just wanted to clear the marina and do some "laps" between the buoys right outside the opening.  There was a LOT of boat traffic today.  Normally the GSL's boat traffic is non existent and MAYBE you'll see one boat way off in the distance once a month.  Spring fever is hit and there were boats all over the place.  I'm glad I decided to stay close.  I had my SSD with me just for visibility. 
Got to the red buoy and Jim kept heading out.  Stacey stayed with me and swam with me as I did my laps.  I swam to the green buoy then rested.  Back and forth resting a good amount each time.  I felt pretty good.  One one trip back I put some effort into my stroke.  My arms were not happy about that.  The rest of me felt okay but it was clear it has been a LONG time since I've been swimming.  The last one I did was going to the green buoy and not stopping.  At the end, my arms were in some decent fatigue and starting to hurt some.  I was pretty tired and decided I have had enough.  I slowly swam back into the marina and then swam the length of the marina to the boat ramp once I knew it was clear of traffic.  Once again, when I stopped, my arms were very tired. 
I'm glad I went but today was a definite reality check/wake-up call as to where my swimming condition is right now.

1/2 mile....I guess!

Friday, May 10, 2013

9May13 - Baby Steps

I got the "all clear" from the nurses at HCH this morning to go back to work Monday.  I also was told that my last incision should be closed enough that I can try a swim.  I was antsy the entire day.  I was mainly curious how my stomach would feel when I tried to swim.
Josh, me, Chad, Sue, Gords
 I met Gords, Josh, Chad, Sue, and Kate down at the marina at 1700.  After chatting a bit, they took off and I slowly got in.  The incision line on my stomach immediately reacted to the cold.  I had to stop and consider whether it was pain or discomfort.  I realized it was just a lot of discomfort....tough crap for me!  GO!  I started swimming heads up breast for awhile.  I then tried a few strokes of free.  I had to adjust my face to the water temp which took longer than I'd like.  I would take a few easy strokes then rest, repeat. 
When I got out to the marina opening, I noticed Kate walking down the rocks to get back into the water.  She joined me and we swam out to the first buoy together.  I was swimming REAL easy and quickly learned that I can't do a full long pull yet.  When I extend my arm before the "catch" it pulls on my stomach too much.  I just had to shorten my stroke by a few inches and that helped.  I felt completely out of whack out there.  My breathing was off, my stroke was a mess, I kept getting confused on where I was, but I was LOVING the fact that I was out there.
When I got to the first buoy, the others were gone and so Kate and I just hung out talking.  The water temp where we were read around 62-63.  It was much colder when you went more vertical.  We just hung out talking for awhile.  Soon Josh and Sue joined us and we just hung out talking more.
Josh and I eventually followed the two ladies in but we swam heads up breast the whole time and chatted our way in.  Extremely easy swim.  I might try for some actual short distances with lots of rest on Saturday but we'll see.
Sue, Kate, me

Kate, me, Josh

I'll give myself 1/4 mile "swam" today.  90% of what I did was mainly wading and talking.  It was just nice to be out there.