Monday, May 20, 2013


Woke up at 0445 and headed to the pool near work.  I was walking to the pool when I saw something BEAUTIFUL.  Water Polo there is over so they converted the lanes for 50M!!!  I actually got really excited.  Sue had told me about it but somehow I had forgotten.
Got in and was glad about 2 things:
1) I could see the other end of the pool  (this means it was CLEAR and not so full of chlorine/crap)
2) It was FAR away!

5 x 100 WU
5 x 100 K
3 x 100 swim (Tossed in a 50 fly just for fun.  Wasn't too bad)
200 IM nice and easy
4 x 50 Pull
100 pull
200 CD

Sets were short again and the pulling sets really hurt my arms.  Still building up and my lungs are slowly opening up.  I am back to being bilateral on my breathing with no problems.  I did a few 50's only breathing to my right and didn't really notice a difference so that is good.

2000 LCM

On a side note, I chatted with the Masters coach there for awhile.  We walked in together and she would say hi in between my sets. Nice lady.  Tried to talk her into coming out to GSL for some swims with us.  She did Deer Creek 10 mile last year so long open water swims are no stranger to her.  Others overheard us talking and I got a few questions while changing in the locker room.  I didn't get their names but I hope they come out.

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