Monday, May 27, 2013

27May13 - Adventure on the high seas!

Annie came to my father in laws place at 0900.  We loaded up the kayak and supplies then headed to GSL Marina.  We met Josh, Sue, her husband, and Stacey there.  Anne and I needed to do some work together to get ready for our 8 mile race in 2 weeks.  It was a beautiful day at the lake.  There was however some wind and chop today.  Nothing unusual but it did make you at least pay attention.
Annie and I headed towards Blackrock while the others did their own thing.  Annie was having a tough time with the waves.  First, I did....I fell off the kayak when trying to turn to sharp and a wave caught me at the right time.  What a way to start.  While getting back into the kayak, Anne was "holding" it and it rocked again and in the lake I went...again!  I couldn't stop laughing.  By the time I got situated, Josh swam up and was joking that he was going to tip me over.  He didn't believe me at first when I told him he was too late!
Anne and I set off and I was getting her to try various places and distances from the kayak to see what she prefers.  The waves were really bothering her and she kept stopping to cough up water.
Once we got near Blackrock, she said she wasn't having any fun and was thinking about ending her swim.  She was having some serious mental doubt about her abilities.  I just humored her as she would stop to complain, curse, or just look in a complete daze every 5 minutes.  She really wanted to quit after about 40 minutes but I told her to just swim next to me and we will head back towards the marina.  No stopping no matter what.  She followed next to me and by the time we got to the red buoy, she was fine. 
I asked if she wanted to stop now and she said she was ready for more.  I made her say it out loud over and over, "I'm fine and I want more"!  We ended up doing a huge slow circle and this time when she was facing the waved, it didn't bother her as much.  The last treat was heading straight into the marina which meant we were with the current.  Easy sailing.
When we got to the last red buoy before the marina opening, Anne said she felt fantastic.  She was not tired at all and could do this all day if she wanted.  Some physical things she noticed like a few rub marks and her tongue was starting to pickle but otherwise she was fine.  She even admitted her complaining earlier was all in her head.
We got back in and she was just under 3 miles.  Not bad for our first swim/kayak together.  I now know to ignore her complaining and profanity for at least the first hour of the race.
We loaded up the kayak and I got in the water.  Anne came with me and we just went out of the marina and to the first buoy.  It was a bit rough out there but nothing I haven't done hundreds of times in the ocean or GSL before.  Felt good to be out there.
---When we were getting in, I was standing there finding my "hot spring" as I always do.  Anne was too and there was a guy loading up his small boat right next to us.  I made a hot spring remark and he asked, in complete seriousness, "There's a hot spring there"?  I replied, "Yes, it's right between my legs"!  It took him about 2 seconds before he understood and started laughing.  Anne and I were laughing too but once we got out to the buoy, I made a remark and we both got an even bigger laugh out of it since he couldn't hear/see us laughing at him.  It will never be forgotten!

Annie - over 3 miles total
Me - Around 1/4 mile...I guess!

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