Thursday, March 31, 2011


WU 4 x 100
4 x 100 kick last 25
4 x 100 hard effort (hit 1:15, 1:14, 1:15, 1:10)
8 x 50 IM order (actually hit :40 and :42 for my 50 flys...bit surprised by this)
4 x 100 Long slow pulls focusing on follow through
2 x 400 free
CD 4 x 50

3000 total today.  Nothing too bad.  I'm at the point now where I think about swimming as soon as I get up and am eager to get my workout done.  I also notice that it takes me awhile to warm up which is a good sign.  When I'm out of shape, it takes me a short time to be ready for main set.  Now I do around 500-1000 to get me warmed up before I start pushing myself in sets or do anything serious.

Looking forward to the lake this afternoon!!!

The lake this afternoon had risen to a very pleasant 58 degrees.  That is pretty much hot tub temp compared to the last month.  I decided that I would stick with my original plan and only swim from the east dock until I was man enough to get my face in the water.  I was about halfway back when I finally was able to control my breathing and I put my face in the water and forced myself to stay there for 10 strokes.  It payed off!!!  I got to the boat ramp and my face felt fine.  I actually felt GREAT and decided to head out for more.  I swam out to the island and halfway round it to fine Gords and Josh,  No luck on that but I did swim back to the middle and straight in to the ramp.  I probably ended up with about 1/2 mile total today.  I could care less about the distance and am mainly happy that I was able to actually SWIM with my FACE IN THE WATER!!!  LOL  Sad when THAT is your victory.  If water is anywhere near that temp from now on, I will no longer swim from any docks and only from the boat ramp.  I want to do some miles in open water and not just laps over and over in the pool.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ladders today by 50 up to 500 then repeat back down.
Did 2-3-2-3-2-3-etc breathing the entire swim.
Timed my 2nd 500 and it was 8:42.  That is a pace I can hold forever and still keep my form intact.  It's still cold tar slow but oh well.  I did do the last 50 with some effort and hit 32 seconds.  Not bad considering I was at 5450 and wasn't even sprinting.
100 CD for a total of 5600 today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swims so far

These are the swims I've done since signing up for 3 distance swims this year.  I am not counting previous workouts since I did not keep acurate records and don't want to sell myself short or overshoot what I've really done

28 Feb Monday – 1000
1 Mar Tuesday – 1500
2 Mar Wednesday – 2000
3 Mar Thursday – 3500
4 Mar Friday – 1200
5 Mar Saturday – 1500

7Mar Monday – 1500
8Mar Tuesday - 2000
9Mar Wednesday – 3000
10Mar Thursday– 1400
11Mar Friday – 1650
12 Mar – Sat – 2000

14Mar – Mon – 2300
15Mar – Tue – 2800
16Mar – Wed – 5500

22Mar – Tue – 1000
23Mar – Wed – 4000
24Mar – Thu – 2500
25 Mar – Fri – 2500
26 Mar – Sat – 5000

28Mar – Mon – 1200
29 Mar – Tues - 3500

So as of today I have swam 52,550 yards!

Day 1

First posting.  Just trying this out.  Under the recomendation of my friend Gords, I decided to start a daily blog of my swimming to help keep me motivated and on track for my 3 long swims this year.
For this week I only did 1250 on Monday due to feeling sick and my body demanding that I get out NOW!
Got some pretty good sleep last night and was able to get 3500 in today.
WU was 300 then 2 x 25 kick, 50 swim, 25 kick
Core was 10 x 200 trying to go negative split by 100
5 x 100 pull with paddles
4 x 100 breathing every 25 by 2,3,4,5 strokes
2 x 50 CD
3500 total

I'm part of the Utah Open Water Swimmers group and information about us can be found HERE  The site is run by my friend Josh.  He is more like me and swims for the enjoyment of it and is not as concerned with being that fast.  I'm fast for short distance but slow and steady for longer distances.
The 2nd swimmer is a beast of a swimmer that seems immune to the cold while he's swimming in it.  He by far has a higher tolerance for the cold than I do. Gords
These are my friends that I have recently met and I'm very glad we are becoming swim buddies.