Monday, July 21, 2014


Weather was nice today so I was able to get back in the ocean.  I walked a 1/2 mile out and memorized the house so I knew the turn around point.  Ended up doing 4 laps today.  Took me 3 to really feel comfortable.  There was a pretty good wind and current heading toward the beach so it felt like I was swimming with a 10 degree angle in order to go straight the entire swim.  Kinda fun.

4 miles OW

Thursday, July 17, 2014


2 days of what I will call traveling HELL are over.  We are in the Outer Banks for our yearly week long vacation.  I have not been able to swim the past 2 days.  I was restless yesterday since our flight got bumped back 24 hours.
Slept in while Patricia went for a run.  When she got back I was able to hit the beach.  Atlantic Ocean was calm and inviting.  I could tell she missed me.  I missed her too.
I measured out a landmark yesterday that is .5 miles away.  Did 3 laps to get 3 miles.  After each lap, I swam in close enough to shore to stand up and get a drink.  Then I would swim past the break and parallel to shore.  I could feel the 2 days of travel.  My body was tired but my mind was HAPPY.  Probably was swimming slow as tar but did not care today.

3 miles OW...happily!


Met Josh and 4 other people at JN this morning.  I had already done one lap by the time they arrived.  It was a full moon over the weekend.  The skies were clear and the moon lit up the whole lake.  It was calm and BEAUTIFUL.  I did not have to wait for the sun to start to rise before I got in.  I could see everything fine.  Got one lap in before the others showed up.  Did 2 more laps with them then had to get home.

4.5 miles OW

Saturday, July 12, 2014


At the pool at 0700.  Only needed to do 1100 LCM to meet my goal.  DONE!
1000 snorkel
100 easy free

1100 LCM

This put me at exactly 20.12 miles for the week.  Got my goal of 20 miles.  Pretty happy about this.  I am 98% sure of my date for my Bear Lake crossing. 

Friday, July 11, 2014


Went to pool nearby and helped someone I know with a lesson.  Easy stretch out day today.

1500 LCM

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Went to JN this morning.  I am normally there M,W,F but Josh posted he wanted to go Thursday so I changed my days.  I was in the water at 0530.  I only wanted to do 3 laps.  First lap was decent but my arms were sore from yesterday.  I felt better the second lap but I was daydreaming way too much and it slowed me down a bit.  The third lap I caught up with Liz and we swam it together.  I picked up my pace some and even added on a little more by going between some buoys a few more times.  On the last stretch, I progressively got faster with each buoy I passed.  When I hit the last turn around, I was tired so I did a lot of breast and EASY swimming until I got to the next buoy.  I then did a 100% spring to the next buoy.  Whatever was left in my tank got spent.  I coasted to the end and was glad to be done.  I had a good enough swim.  I'm at 18.5 miles today.  Easy swim tomorrow and maybe a tiny swim Sat to make sure I make it over 20 miles.
It was good seeing Josh this morning.  Only saw him and chatted for 30 seconds as we passed each other but it was still nice.

4.65 miles OW

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I got up early today and was at JN by 0500.  I actually had to sit in my car and wait for a little bit of light.  It was cloudy at the lake so I couldn't rely on the moon or any ambient light to show me the cigarette buoys. 
I did 4 laps today which is around 6 miles.  I think one of the end buoys is moving farther away.  I did a stroke count and don't remember it being that high a # for that distance.  I did around 6 miles and kept my feeds short.  It still took 3 and 1/2 hours total.  This discouraged me a bit.  I am going to re-measure the distance and do some timing splits.  I really don't want to be swimming anything slower than a 30 min mile including feeds.  That would just be sad!
Good new is that I've not only passed 250 miles for the year this week but as of today, I'm back on pace to meet my goal of 500 miles by the end of the year!  Awww Yiss!

6 miles OW....but hoping it was more!