Monday, January 30, 2012


The swim gods love me again!
Todays workout was fantastic.  I got to the pool at 0430 and was ready to go immediately.  I was pretty excited for todays workout.
The workout was basically doing a longer set then some shorter sets in between.  During the longer sets, different paces were used for different distances.  It make me keep track of my laps and mixed things up pretty good.
For some of the inbetween sets, there were 50's on set times.  The first few sets I was doing around 40 sec on average.  As they progressed, the effort increased.  By the last set of 2 I hit :28 and :29.  This was at the end of my workout and I was already tired.  This amazed me.
I did not hold back on any section even at the begining today.  I kept solid pace, did everything I was supposed to, and felt really strong throughout the whole workout.

4200 today

Saturday, January 28, 2012


The swim gods had it in for me today.
I got up at 0645 and was at the pool at 0700.  Patricia has work soon so my swim was going to be short anyway.  I was getting ready when I noticed the pool looked funny.  I got in and started swimming, it was CLOUDY...yuck.  Not normally a big deal but it just is nasty sometimes.
I got to about 100 and adjusted my snapped in half.  Do I have a backup pair...of course not!
I did have my humongo tri goggles.  I put them on but it felt like a brick was on my face.  I don't notice them or care in the GSL because I have about 2000 other messages being sent to my brain at the same time and "my goggles are big" does not take priority!  My stroke soon went to hell and I could not focus on anything.  I got to the end and did some drill work against the wall for 10 minutes then swam some more.
I got to about 500 and this sweeping feeling came over me to just go.  I'm not counting this as me quitting before I should have.  I felt no guilt at ALL when I got out.  It just wasn't meant to be today.
I'm going to put together all the sets of goggles I have this weekend so I'll be better prepared.

500 today....LOL

Friday, January 27, 2012


Good workout today.  Kim is on a small vacation with her family so I had to swim solo today.  I did my swim but it wasn't the same without my training buddy to push me along.
Did a set of 100's then 200's then 400's then one 800.  Some pulls were in different sets but that was not as fun because my stinking straps broke on the first 100!  I want new paddles anyway!
Each set was on a timed basis and I made all my times.  A few of the times I was REALLY pushing it and was surprised at how well I did.  I'm definitely making some progress and I'm noticing already how I feel in the water.  Marcia's workouts are doing me some real good.  I'm also really focusing on my stroke lately.  I am constantly thinking about dropping my wrist before my elbow.  I will sacrifice time to correct the action if I notice I'm dropping my elbow before my wrist. 

4000 today

I did some math yesterday (I know, I was shocked too!) and I'm well on pace to hit 500 miles this year.  With what I've done so far and what I have left to swim with the time I have left to do it, it comes to this.
3 times a week I need to average 6000 per workout
4 times a week I need to average 4800 per workout
5 times a week I need to average 3900
6 times a week I need to average 2800
I'm doing about 4 days a week for now but at the end of Feb or maybe even sooner, I plan on doing a minimum of 5.  Once spring is here and the GSL is near 60, I'll be doing 6 a week.  That means I'll need to average only 1.6 miles a day...LOL that's EASY!
I know holidays and things come up but I really feel good about making my goal.  I also know that I'll be doing a LOT of swims that will put me well ahead of my goal.  Most of my summer swims, the MINIMUM I'll do is 3 miles a day.
This is going to be a great year!


New PR for cold water.
I've made what I consider a major breakthrough for my cold water swimming.  The new humongo Tri goggles I have are making the difference on my ability to put my face in the water. 
I arrived yesterday with one of my fellow teachers and friend, Nate.  He just wanted to try it out after I kept telling him how great it was.  He was in good spirits and visibly excited as we set up and I showed him around.
Jim was already there and Gords and Josh were quick to arrive.  I was eager to go so I cut the usual chat time down and started getting undressed.  I was ready to go and once again, I had no hesitation.  Gords was already in the water and I was right after him.  I kept my head out until my breathing stabalized then went to the end of the dock.  I turned around and Nate was still standing there with a clear look of excitement and apprehension.  We all yelled encouragement to him and he soon ran in.  He dove in then got right out.  Good enough!  Congrats Nate.  He loved it.
Nate and I after we're done.
I turned around and wanted to head out farther as opposed to my usual wading at the end of the dock then coming back in.  I put my face in the water and started to actually swim.  My face was uncomfortable but not in severe pain.  I just kept going.  I felt fantastic.  My hands were numb and in pain but my body felt fine.  Only my toes were complaining.  I was truly amazed at how good I felt.  I swam about 25 yards and realized I could still use my fingers!  Hooray.  I waded there about 10 seconds then did some breaststroke to come back in some.  I got near the dock and went back to freestyle.  Once again, I felt fine.  My breathing was a bit off and I was doing the 2 stroke pattern but I felt fine.  I got out and felt amazing.  My body was fine and only my hands were really uncomfortable but that is expected.
I showed Josh and Gords where I swam to and they both agree I did a total of about 100 yards.  I normally don't bother adding the swims I do in the GSL for the WFPBC in my swim log online but today I did!  Next time I'm going to try and make it to the end of the marina and back like Gords does each week.  The entire drive home I kept thinking about how little the cold bothered me and I really am seriously considering increasing my distance and time regularly to see just how far I can go.  Maybe Ram of the International Ice Swimmers Assoc is right, it is mainly mental.  Once I get that toughened up, I just might be able to do a mile in 41 degree or under water.  I can't wait to find out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25Jan12 - Things I love

Forewarning - I might ramble here some.
Got up at 0400 and was at the pool ready to be in at 0433.  Kim and I just stood there talking for 7 minutes before finally surrendering to get in. Getting in is BY FAR the worst part of the workout.  I truly feel that once you get in, you are already halfway there. 
Did a 2000 set to start.  There were some long pull sets in the 2k.  Marcia has challenged me to try to keep the pull buoy at my ankles.  This was TOUGH.  I spent a huge amount of time focusing on my ankles, how weird it felt, and how much my creamy inner thighs were tiring out from keeping my legs pressed together.  I kept thinking it would be easier to swim like a slut and keep my legs wide open.  My stroke went to hell quickly.  Doing this shows you your core strength...or in my case, lack of it!  After 200 I moved it to my knees.  I'll have to slowly get better at that ability.
After that I did some 500's going faster each one.  I was on a time limit and keeping the times going faster proved to be difficult at the end.  I made it on each one and was getting faster but at the very end, I was putting forth max effort to get my time faster than before.  I was pretty tired at the end but was happy to have be done.  I LOVE getting out of the pool feeling like I am physically wasted and really tired.  I just know I did good and it will only make me improve.
I also LOVE walking out of the gym at 0630 and walking past people going in thinking....hehe I'm DONE!
I also LOVE walking out in only shorts and a t-shirt when it's 37 and feel WARM!  I can't remember the last time I've worn a jacket outside after a workout this year or even thought that I was close to cold.
One small thing that keeps coming into my head is effort.  For some reason, I do what I need to at the start of a workout but I seem to "hold back" more effort because of a stupid fear of bonking before I'm done with my workout.  I feel like I gotta hold some in so I don't "run out of gas" before the workout is over.  It's another mental obstacle I gotta get over.  It was a habit I had last year and it annoyed me then too.  I would do a 4 mile swim at Pineview and go normal for 2 miles, a bit faster on the 3rd and hardest on the 4th.  I'd be REALLY moving it on the last mile and when I was done, I felt like I could have gone longer.  Why didn't I start/hold that pace at mile 2?  Oh, I'm scared to...that's why!  I need to just go for it and if I crash out then I do.  I've never gone really hard for a long time just to see how long it would take before I crashed.  I need to do that.  I have a feeling I'm going to surprise myself.  I did some of it last year with the Alcatraz swim.  I swam at my "redline" for 30 min straight and never faltered!
Well today during my 500's I knew I was putting in serious effort on the last few.  For once in a long time, I drove to work after swimming not thinking "I could have done more....I could have held that longer...etc".  I drove today knowing I did my best.  If I want to seriously improve this year, I have to stop being a "cat" and I better be willing to crash halfway through a workout...I'm willing to bet it won't come as quick as I "anticipate".

4200 today

Monday, January 23, 2012

23Jan12 - Mental Day

Went to bed last night not feeling that great.  I got up at 0400 and wasn't recovered yet.  No idea what is wrong but my head was/is killing me and I just feel crappy in general.  It never really came into consideration to go back to bed.  Getting to the gym and into the pool was my biggest victory today considering how I feel.  I told Kim I don't care about todays workout.  Just anything will do for today.  She understood and we got in.  Did a LOT of kicking today.  I even did a 500 kick set which I haven't done a set that long for kicking in over a decade!  Ended up doing over 1000 in kicking total today.  Another victory.
Did some pull sets which made me feel a bit better but then I did some flip turns...not the smartest idea.
Ended up with 3k today.  Nothing I would consider a "real" workout today but 3k crappy is better than nothing.  For some reason, I have a feeling my mental toughness is going to get a good deal of working this year too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Went to the Polar Bear Plunge this morning.  It was pouring rain and 40 degrees outside so it made it even more interesting.  The entire WFPBC was there so we represented our club well!....all 5 of us!  hehe
Everyone else heard "Say Cheese".  I heard "Stand there with a dumb look on your face"!

Was able to jump in with my club as we were all holding hands.  Cheesy I know but it's what we do!
It was about 37 degrees so not too bad but it was only waist deep which also consisted of 2 feet of mud!  Walking out was a challenge more than the cold.  I got out and was interviewed by Channel 2 news.  I plugged our club and to join us at the GSL Marina every week.  It took a minute to interview me but if I do make it, I'm sure it will be cut to 5 seconds.
Fun time regardless and it was good to do another event with my friends.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Up at 0400 and in the pool by 0435 with Kim.  Did some strong sets today involving a lot of pulling.  By the end, my shoulders were pretty worn out.
Good times made though and I'm starting to notice improvements in my overall regular speed times.

4k today


Headed to the GSL after work today.  Gords and Josh could not make it but Jim said he might be there.  I sat in the parking lot near the dock when he pulled up.  OK, let's go!
Put our gear at the end of the ramp and stripped down.  I turned around and Jim was already in the water.  I was adjusting my new humongous goggles under my cap.  I was pleased that I showed no hesistation this week or even any worry.  I just walked straight into the water and took off.  I kept my head up for awhile then once my body adjusted, which took about 20 seconds, I turned around at the end of the dock and put my face in.  NO SEVERE PAIN!!  I even did some legit freestyle with my face in the water.  My brow got a bit chily and uncomfortable but nowhere near the agonizing pain that I get between my eyes usually.  I'm going to have to test this some more before I start adding some real yards to these swims. 
Both Jim and I were in for abuot 3 minutes.  Felt great.  We stood there chatting after we got out and I was happy that even though my hands and feet were cold, I had pretty good function of them.  Normally it takes awhile longer for them to "thaw"
If I hadn't already dried off, I was half tempted to get back in.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Out of bed at 0400 and was eager to hit the pool this morning.  I packed pretty well last night so when I was ready to go, I had 10 minutes to kill.  I was literally pacing my kitchen and living room.
Was in the pool at 0435 and was going to do another one of Marcia's workouts.  I did a decent warmup with a kicking set that I was not fond of.  I actually HATE all kicking sets so this one was no exception.
I then did some 200's on a set time then another set of 200's on an even shorter time.  I did notice that my times were steadily getting a TINY bit faster per set the farther into the workout I got.  I then had to do some pull sets which wore me out quicker than I realized.  By the last 50 of my workout, I was liteally grunting with each pull.  My arms were SHOT but I plugged along to finish anyway.  I got done with my workout feeling like I had been run over by a bull....just the way I like it!
4000 total.  I really wish I could do more but by the time it gets near 0600, I gotta hit the shower and go to work. 
On a side note, the shower was COLD this morning.  I stood there waiting for it to get warmer but it never did.  After about 3 minutes, I lost my patience and said, "Screw this, cold water training GO"!  The water could not have been warmer than 45 degrees but I forced myself to take it and do a full shower.  I got adjusted a bit toward the end but the first minute or so was not comfortable.  Oh well!

Monday, January 16, 2012

16Jan12 - keeping my New Years resolution

I had planned on getting up at 0530 to get a good breakfast in me.  When the alarm went off, I decided to sleep until 0600.  That turned into 0630 when I HAD to get out of bed.  I didn't eat anything and just packed my gear and headed to the OAC.  I met Kim at 0700 with a 5k swim planned.
We did 5 x 1000 with a short rest between sets.  My energy was NOT there today.  My arms were stiff for about 1500 and by the time they finally relaxed, I was slowing down!  Each pull was an effort within itself to just keep on going through the follow-through.
At the 2k rest, I ate a small amount of a Cliff bar and kept thinking, "Screw this!  I'm ready to go home.  This is just not me today".  When I was halfway through my 3rd 1000, the primary thing I kept thinking about was how much I wanted to bag it and go home.  If Kim wasn't there, the temptation would have been even more intense.  I kept reminding myself to just keep going and about my New Years resolution to never quit a workout early just because I'm "tired".
So the 3rd and 4th 1k, I was half thinking of how much I wanted to go home and the other half was spent thinking about how I should just slug it out and finish regardless.
Reason won out and I finished my 5k.  I'm glad I got the yards in but man, I NEVER got comfortable or even felt close to being motivated to go fast.  There was just nothing in my tank today and it showed.
I have to discipline myself better and force myself up on Saturdays early to eat instead of sleeping.  The extra hour was NOT worth it and it showed.
Lesson learned!
On a positive note, Kim was swimming fantastic today.  She was the polar opposite of me.  She was full of energy and was swimming extremely well today.  She lapped me at least once every set.  Great job buddy!
5k today!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Forcing yourself to find the gold nuggets while digging in dung!
Drove down to Utah Lake with Gords and Michelle for what we thought was going to be a polar bear swim.  We arrived a bit early and no one was there.  We kept waiting around and asking people that worked at the general store near the boat ramp but they had no idea about it either.  It took us calling a few times and some texts to finally get a reply that the plunge had been cancelled.  We already pretty much knew it but the confirmation still pissed me and Gords off a bit.  IF YOU ARE GOING TO CANCEL AN EVENT, UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND HOME PAGE!!!   Michelle and I kept the humor up to ease the tension.  We met with Josh and we decided to get some pictures anyway.
The 4 of us walked out onto the lake since it was pretty frozen and took some pics.

I noticed cracks forming under my feet so I knew it couldn't be too thick.  I picked up a nearby decent size rock and tossed it at the ice.  It made a good crack so Josh joined in and we took turns trying to bust the ice up.  We did succeed and to our great joy, the water was only a foot deep!  lol
Josh got in first then Michelle.

I asked Gords if he was going to get in and at first he said he didn't feel it was worth it.  (At this point I realized how "unhappy" Gords was).  I started to get undressed and he caved and got ready too.  I got in and I was amazed how comfortable I felt sitting there.  I was barely cold and even felt kind of relaxed after 5 seconds.  I soon got out so Gords could get in.  Once he got in, he seemed happy.
Josh made a video of it.

After the "dip" Gords and I headed to the South Davis Rec Center so he could do his 1 hour postal swim.
I asked him before if he wanted any help from me.  He said he was fine.  I then asked if he would mind if I blew by him every once and awhile.  He said as long as I don't mind him keeping up then we are good.
I did my own workout for a bit.
I did 10 x 50 on the minute.  I hit about :37-38 each 50.  I was happy.
I then did 10 x 100 on the 2 minute and I was hitting 1:17-1:19 each.  I was very happy.
Last one I did I just pulled really hard for 150 and I hit 2:03 which means I averaged :41 per lap.  This made me extremely happy.  I'm not great at speed and haven't done much this year so these times were great for me.
I then started focusing on Gords.  I would time his laps and if he was :42 or under I left him alone.  If he got :43 or more then I'd get right next to him and pace him for 100 or 150.  I'd gradually pick up the pace and his ego would kick in making him go faster.  I'd keep about a 1:20 pace per 100.  I'd then leave him alone for a few minutes before repeating this process.  It worked great.  There were even times when I'd signal for him to hurry up or even yelled at him to go faster.
He wanted to get 4200 and he hit 4350.  I was REALLY excited for him.  Although I'm sure my pacing only helped him a small bit, it felt great knowing I did even a tiny part to help him meet his goal.  Now I'm curious what I can do in an hour!

My total swim today was 2500.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Up at 0400 and was poolside with Kim at 0435.  When I walked out of the locker room she was "boasting" that she beat me to the pool.  I just pointed at the lane she was next to and asked, "Oh really, then who put those 2 kickboards there for us"?  LOL 
300 warmup
8 x 300 - 150 swim, 100 pull then 50 kick
300 CD

On some of the swims, we mixed in some other strokes.  One set we did a 50 fly in the middle.  I finished it but it took quite a bit out of me.  I kept laughing remembering how I used to do sets of 400 fly a couple of years ago regularly and now a 50 fly is kicking my butt!  Good times

3000 total today   Polar Bear plunge tomorrow!!!! - not different from when I get into the Salt Lake weekly but tomorrow it's to raise money.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Met with Kim at 1930. 
She swam with me but I was trying one of Marcia's workouts so I'll be vague here.
Did some sets of 200's then sets of 100's.  Each set had various times and intervals within them which made them interesting.
I was happy with some of my times and not as happy with others.  I have to keep reminding myself to cut myself some slack.  I'm at week 2, not month 2!  If I'm still hitting these times at the end of March then I can be concerned.  Considering it's week 2 I'm doing GREAT....calm the hell down Goody!  :)

3300 total.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Up at 0400 and was getting in the pool at 0435.  Mornings like this I keep remembering that old 80's Dunkin Donuts commercial where the guy keep waking up, "Time to make the donuts".  That just might be my theme this year!
Ladders by 50 up to 400 then back down again.  On every 5th lap I did 50 kick.  Kim joined me when I was on lap 29.
Finished before 0600 at 3600.
Decent workout but my arms were not into it that much this morning.  Toward the end I was just barely getting :45 per 50.  I'm not that concerned with speed yet and mainly thinking about my stroke and my follow through but :45....

3600 today.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Talked with Suzie Dods yesterday.  She's my buddy from San Francisco that paddled for me last year during my Alcatraz swim.  She told me the best time to get my 8 hour swim in the Bay at 58 degrees will be early July.  I talked with Patricia and she said that will be fine.  Now I'm booking my calendar for 7Jul12 for that swim.  I'm already a bit excited. 
Now I have to work on the logistics.  Not 100% yet if I'm going solo or with family.  Probably with family which means we may have to stop somewhere overnight.  Then if others in her family are coming.  What we will do in S.F. etc etc.  Logistics Logistics!
The plan is laid though so the making a commitment to it step is over and that can be the hardest sometimes.
I'll be averaging one big swim per month at this rate.  I just need to find something to do for September  lol.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Got up at 0200 this morning thanks to MJ coming into bed and kicking me awake repeatedly.  She normally sleeps great until around 0600 then she tries to come in.  I thought it was 0600 or around there so I was wide awake.  When I got out of bed to get dressed and ready to travel to the gym, I realized it was 0200!  GREAT!!!
Stayed up anyway and when it was time I hit the gym
4 x 1000 with :30 RI or a min depending on chats with other people in lane.

When I finished my swim, I felt FANTASTIC.  I really had a hunger to go 20 more laps to get to 5k but I had to get out to help wife clean up before she leaves for the day.  So this past week, I've thought about swimming when it wasn't a swim day and when I am swimming, I'm doing better than expected, and today I was eager to do more and a bit bummed that I had to get out.  All these are VERY good signs for the upcoming year.  I hope these feelings only grow.

4000 today - as of today I'm 1.25% accomplished on my goal to get 500 miles this year.  Oh yeah!


Met with wife and kids at 1645 at the OAC for some family fun.  Played with Eva and MJ mainly as Patricia was a little shy on getting in the water.  She always thinks the water is cold!  MJ got some more practice with safety stuff and Eva got dunked a few times then had to work on some real basic water safety stuff too. 
Around 1730, Kim was there.  Patricia packed up and Kim and I got to work. 
Shorter workout today but with a bit more speed.
500 WU
100 K
4 x 100 on 2:00
100 K
4 x 100 on 1:45
100 K
3 x 100 on the 1:30
100 CD
I tanked a bit on the last 100.  Kim is still too fast for me to keep up even at max effort at end of workout.  She's definitely still a sprinter and has a sprinter mentality.  Next week I'm going to try one of Marcia's workouts to see how I do.  Tomorrow is distance.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Met with Gords and Josh at the GSL today just before 1700.  It was BEAUTIFUL today and when the sun started to set, it made it even more amazing to look at.  Some duck hunters were there loading up their boat and they couldn't stop asking Gords and me if we were REALLY going into "that" water.  lol
It was a bit colder from last week.  It had dropped to either 36 or 35 depending on who's thermometer you read.
I got ran in, dove under, splashed around then got out.  When I got out, I actually wished I had stayed in longer.  All of us agreed that the really painful part of getting in and hyperventilating has gone considerably down recently.  We are definitely adjusting.  It isn't comfortable yet but the cold shock is nowhere near as bad.

Didn't realize how sweet my beard looks! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Met with Kim today at 1930 at the pool.  I was home and had to cut back on dinner because I knew if I ate too much, I'd either wouldn't want to swim or would get sick while swimming.
I left halfway through one of my favorite TV shows to meet with her.  This is good that I'm more focused on swimming than TV time.
We did:
500 WU
4 x 100 on the 1:45 (I hit 1:20 on 2 of these which surprised me to be honest)
4 x 75 on the ....not sure  just when Kim left!
4 x 50 on the 50 (I was feeling good until near the end when I started to fade then almost got sick in the pool)
4 x 25 on the 30 (Just paced myself but went all out on the last 25)
200 CD  Did some breathing drills on the CD

2500 total.  - still base work as far as I see it.  By the end of the month, I'm going to do a test run of Marcia's workout and if I do it well, I'll go to exclusively her workouts.
Really happy with my attitude towards swimming so far.  The time I took off did some real good for me mentally.  Now I'm really focused on swimming and meeting with Kim is a HUGE plus.  I know we are going to push each other to be in phenomenal shape by the time our races come.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Day one...BEGIN!
Alarm went off at 0530 and I was out of bed and "eager" to get to the pool.  I talked with Kim yesterday and she and I are going to try to help each other train by being there for each other during our swims.  We may not do the same workouts but having a friend there, that is relying on you to be there, helps.  Boy does it help! 
I was poolside at 0600 and Kim was there too.  We had a quick chat then into the pool.
500 Warmup
10 x 100 on the 2 min
4 x 200  :20 RI
200 CD
Not a bad workout.  On the 100's I was hitting around 1:32-1:35 each set.  Not that great but not bad either considering it's day 1.
One the 200's I noticed Kim right on my feet so after #2, I had her go ahead of me.  Yeah....after a 100 she was WAY ahead of me and by the end of her 200, I was 20 yards back.  I was tanked the last 2 of the set but finished them anyway.  I'm happy with the workout today and I know that I was fully ready for the 8 mile GSL swim last year by starting a swim regiment that began at the end of February.  I'm starting 2 months earlier and taking it a lot more seriously this year.  I expect some PR's!!

2500 total. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

1Jan12 -NEW YEAR

Well a new year is here and I think it's high time I make some resolutions involving swimming.
I'll number them but the number doesn't exactly mean the rank of importance.
1. Get a good base and start using my coach Marcia Cleveland efficiently.  I'm paying her to kick my ass so I better stick with it.  I'm going to do what she says even if I don't like it.  She's a world class swimmer and she knows more than me so I'm going to shut up and listen!
2. NEVER quit a workout early or leave before I'm supposed to.  If I have an injury or time just runs out before I have to be at work or w/e that is one thing.  But if I have the time and I say I'm doing 10,000 then I can't leave at 7000 because I'm "tired" or call it "good enough".  Finish all workouts!!!
3. Swims I want to do this year:
     a. Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon 8 miler.
     b.Deer Creek 10 miler.
     c. Slam the Dam
     d. A long swim in the San Francisco Bay area when the water is no hotter than 58 degrees.  The goal is 8 hours straight but the MINIMUM I will do is 6 and the most will be 10 depending on weather and other factors that can come up.
     e. If the swim gods are good to me this year, CATALINA.  But this is more of a dream than a goal.  I still have many other commitments that come before taking Catalina seriously so we'll have to see.
4. I will be an even better friend to my 3 open water swim buddies.  I will help Josh train for his Bear Lake crossing and will support him in any way I can.  I'll also help Kim get ready for the GSL 8 mile swim and help her take her open water swimming up a level.  Most important, I will help my friend Gordon prepare for the English Channel he's swimming this year.  (Swim gods permitting)  I'll swim with him as much as I can in the GSL and paddle for him when he needs it instead.  This includes not only during the day but being his paddler in the GSL at 2 am so he can get some serious night swims for training in too.  I consider what Gordon is doing to be a MAJOR deal for the Utah open water swimmers and even though I can't come to help after I was invited, I'm going to do every possible thing I can to help him train and succeed.  All of Utah is looking at you pressure!!!  :)
5. I'm going to TRY not to be such a dick to triathletes.  Mainly the "rubbers" as I call them that are married to their wetsuits.  Any and all that want to swim with us I'll welcome and encourage the best I can.  BUT, if they ever try to lecture me about why swimming in sub 60 degree water without a wetsuit is dumb, reckless, or dangerous (like some have done before), they will have pushed my jackass button and I'll jump all over them.  I need to continue to help grow the open water swim community and a positive attitude for all swimmers skin/wetsuit will be shown the best I can.
6. Up the mileage!!!!  Last year I logged 278 miles.  I want to hit 500 or maybe even a lot more.
7. Have fun!  I can't tell you how great it is to be able to enjoy swimming as much as I do with the swimming friends I have.  I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can.

The swims start tomorrow.