Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Out of bed at 0400 and was eager to hit the pool this morning.  I packed pretty well last night so when I was ready to go, I had 10 minutes to kill.  I was literally pacing my kitchen and living room.
Was in the pool at 0435 and was going to do another one of Marcia's workouts.  I did a decent warmup with a kicking set that I was not fond of.  I actually HATE all kicking sets so this one was no exception.
I then did some 200's on a set time then another set of 200's on an even shorter time.  I did notice that my times were steadily getting a TINY bit faster per set the farther into the workout I got.  I then had to do some pull sets which wore me out quicker than I realized.  By the last 50 of my workout, I was liteally grunting with each pull.  My arms were SHOT but I plugged along to finish anyway.  I got done with my workout feeling like I had been run over by a bull....just the way I like it!
4000 total.  I really wish I could do more but by the time it gets near 0600, I gotta hit the shower and go to work. 
On a side note, the shower was COLD this morning.  I stood there waiting for it to get warmer but it never did.  After about 3 minutes, I lost my patience and said, "Screw this, cold water training GO"!  The water could not have been warmer than 45 degrees but I forced myself to take it and do a full shower.  I got adjusted a bit toward the end but the first minute or so was not comfortable.  Oh well!

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