Friday, February 15, 2013


Met Annie at the pool today at 0530.  My goal was to do 50's on the 2 minutes.  I felt pretty good with the rest I was getting and was averaging around 46 seconds per lap.  I did try to go "fast" one lap and hit :37 seconds.  I needed a few more minutes of rest after that endeavor.
I then did a 100 free and hit 1:34.  My arms tanked on me the last 10 yards.  Mixed in 2 x 25 kicking.  Free down and breast kick back.
Overall I did a 500 total.  Feels so good to be in the water even though I have no energy or ability to swim much.
I'm even more excited about the swim meet tomorrow.  I'm positive I'll start each event in the water and I'll probably need help getting out after the 100 but I don't care, I'll be there mainly to support my SLOW teammates and do the best I can.

500 yards today.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13Feb13 - Mental Day

Texted Kim last night to meet me at the pool.  She was up for it.  Met at 0530.  My energy is a bit low today and I was just happy to be at the pool.  I arrived to find my other buddy Annie there.  She was already swimming and we chatted a bit.  Kim soon arrived and I got in.  

Did 100 free 
50 free 
100 free
50 breast
50 free

I was pretty tired after each 100.  I'm going to swim a 100 free for the upcoming QUAC meet this Sat but I'm definitely not going to be setting any records.  Both 100's my arms started to give out and my energy started to tank around the 85 yard mark so I just coasted in.  Pretty sad my energy is like this but I was just enjoying my time in the water.
I was pretty worn out after only 350 so I hit the hot tub.
Only 7 laps today but I know I can do each event for the swim meet and just being able to swim ANYTHING is a big deal right now so I'm happy.....tired but happy.

350 total