Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wanted to get one more swim in before Slam the Dam on Saturday.  I was supposed to have done a swim on Monday but I wasn't feeling up to it.  I decided that instead of going to the pool, I'd get another swim in the GSL.  It was a smart move.  The day was beautiful and the water was perfect.  I went off the rocky part of the marina and swam north to the red buoy.  I hung out for about 20 seconds then headed back.  I was in no particular hurry and was just enjoying the nice swim.  I didn't even keep track of how long I was in.  I just was feeling good.  Finished where I started to make 1 mile.
Slam the Dam, here I come.....slowly!  :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I wanted to get one last longer swim in before Slam the Dam next week.  Josh Green decided to join me and we met at my house at 1030.  He came into my house to find me running around like mad cleaning.  We are selling our house and the realtor wanted to show our house when we would all be gone.  So I was moving 100 MPH and Josh stepped right into the middle of it.  He's a great friend and immediately picked up a Swiffer and helped me clean.  What a nice guy!
We left before 11 and arrived to a nice sunny Pineview Reservoir waiting for us.  In my rush, I forgot my towel and my sports drinks!  Hooray for idiot Goody!!  Without a word, Josh just handed over his extra Gatorade to me...another amazing move.
We got in and did the dam route then the buoy route then the dam route again.  I was never really able to put it into 5th gear today.  After about 3 miles, my arms started to get pretty heavy.  I stopped Josh soon after and told him to not wait for me.  I wanted to focus on my stroke (After seeing how crappy it is this morning on video) instead of speed.  I was fading anyway so I had to find something good to work on.   I finished the swim a few minutes behind Josh.  I was a little more tired than usual and my forearms were REALLY tight.  Every stroke I felt tight then pain with the follow through.  Unusual.  I'm going to carb load like crazy this week and up my hydration to be ready Sat.  I can't look like a slow wimp in front of my Dad!  hehe
GPS total was 4.5 miles.  Good swim overall.  Just have more to work on.


Fun day today.  I met with my buddy Gords at the Ogden Athletic Club.  He has a waterproof camera and I wanted to get some film done of me.  He is good at taking video and he LOVES editing film into cool mini-movies.  He did not disappoint.  He filmed me from every angle you can think of.  He was in the pool, under the water, above the water, walking the deck, attaching it to my head in various angles, and my personal favorite, putting the camera on the lifeguard pole so he can film directly above me like a boom camera!  This one made me laugh when I first saw it.  He was happy to be filming and the video did turn out fantastic.  I was happy with some things I saw and HORRIFIED at other things I saw.  I have some stroke adjustments to do for sure this winter.
I did 100 ladders up to 500 then back down with some other stuff inbetween and at end.  I did 3200 total.
Thank you Gordon for your help.
Side note is that after the swim, we both headed to an lecture by a Weber State University Sociology professor about the lifestyle and opinions of the Great Salt Lake from the people that live close to it. It was very interesting and I liked the lecture.  Good research was done.  I had to leave a bit early because I was falling asleep!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Was sick as a dog this weekend and I'll just say I "lost some weight" during my illness.  I have not been able to eat a full meal yet but needed to get some form of a swim in.  I went to the pool after work and did 2500.  I did a 1000 warmup then 4 x 50 K then 200 swim repeats.  I then was in my second 1000 when I threw up in my mouth....I'll take the queue and finish now!
Left the water not happy I had to cut my swim short.  I REALLY wanted to do a lot more.  Good news is that my stomach has grown back to it's normal size and I got a pretty good safe dinner in me.
I got back and found that Gords has made a FANTASTIC video promoting the GSL.  I'm in it so it's even sweeter!  hehe  I really like the video.  Good job buddy.  It's a 100% that I'm going to have a swim coach.  I'll make it public now.  I got REALLY lucky and through some good friend contacts, Marcia Cleveland has agreed to coach me.  I am very excited about this.  For people that swim, you BETTER know who she is...those that don't, you BETTER look it up as to what she has done and read her book.  She's great and has helped others get ready for marathon swims.  I need some work done and I definitely believe she is going to help me get to where I need to be.  I want to do the Catalina Channel within the next 2 years and hopefully one of the Santa Barbara Channel swims in between that time frame too.  My next season will be a lot better and my swims will be stronger.  I'm really looking forward to getting into "Channel ready" conditions.
Gords will be filming me Thursday so I can get a good view/laugh at my stroke underwater.
Here is that video.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Met with Gords at the GSL Marina at 1700.  He has another route he is doing which is a bit longer than the normal Gridley Straight so I wanted to do it.  We took off and headed toward a red buoy in the opposite direction of Blackrock.  The water felt nice and is still pretty warm.  Secretly I'm waiting for it to drop some more.
Once we were at the buoy, we chatted for about 20 seconds then headed back to the marina.  Gords had to wait for me since I keep "allowing" him to get ahead of me.  ***By "allow" I mean he's a lot faster than me and there's nothing I can do about it!!!***  :)
We then headed straight for Blackrock.  It felt nice to be swimming with my friend in the OW again as opposed to doing the solo swims I've had to do lately.  Having a friend there just makes the swim all the more enjoyable.  Got to Blackrock and drank a bit then chatted for a minute.  I'm not sure when but on the way back, I spotted a red buoy out in the distance that I know is near the marina entrance.  I fall for optical illusions easily and thought it was closer.  I decided to pick up the pace some.  I kept pulling harder and faster and soon I was moving very quickly and was swimming very fast.  I kept expecing to blow out and be physically wiped but it never came.  I was able to hold this fast pace for at least a half mile.  I felt fantastic and highly motivated when I got to the buoy.  Gords was there and I had him pace behind me to see if I was really moving that much faster or was lying to myself.  He said I was indeed moving a lot quicker than normal.  I need to find out how long I'm able to hold this pace.  I felt great for a half mile but who's to say I can't hold it for much longer?  I'd like to find out.  I've just been to apprehensive I guess before or not time or motivation. 
We got into the marina boat ramp with a distance of 3.25 miles.  I felt really good.
Just finished.
Gords and I have been talking about swimming in the GSL all winter since it never freezes.  The water temp gets below 32 and it sounds like a great polar bear swim activity for us.  He and I were planning on where each swim would be and how far we would go depending on the temp.  He wants to go at least once a week which seems pretty extreme considering how cold the water is going to be but.....I'M IN!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Another test workout today.  I really had to focus on pace and some sets really wore me out.  It was good feeling this kind of tired again.
2 nice things to note:
1) I really think these new workouts are going to help me a lot for improving.
2) I have officially passed over 250 miles in my training this year!!!  I got it on the 10th.  Check it out here.

4100 today.  I wanted to do more but time ran short on me and I had chores and dinner waiting.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Went to Pineview today.  I met with Kim and we did the dam route first then the buoy route.  Kim had to go so I did another dam route without her.  I tried to stretch it out and pull harder on the last mile but my arms were a bit tired.  It felt good to do some decent distance in the lake again.  Boat traffic was very light so I could focus on simming and not getting run over!
Total distance was 4.52 miles and my time was 2:44.  This included short breaks for hydration/food and chats for a minute once and awhile. 
I felt good when I finished but now my right shoulder is complaining....really???


Did another test workout.  This one went pretty well.  I felt comfortable and yet pushed during the swim and when I got out, I knew I had put forth some good effort.


Friday, September 9, 2011


I just read the article about wetsuit vs. non-wetsuit swimming.  Here is my 2 cents!
For triathlons, they are so unbalanced and edge toward the person that has the most money, that I could care less about whether they wear one or not.  I just REALLY don't like how most and yes, MOST triathletes are so mentally married to their wetsuits that they throw a fit if you ever suggest they train or swim without one.  Even going as far as telling/yelling at skin swimmers for being "reckless" with lower water temps.
For long swim events, it should be up to the race directors etc to decide if they are allowed or not.  In my opinion, if they are allowed, there SHOULD be a seperate category.
For marathon swims, I think all true marathon swims that have a historic background all believe in a non-wetsuit tradition.  I 100% agree with this.  Take the time to be ready for it and swim it the way it was INTENDED!  I believe that a wetsuit does give you an advantage physically when swimming by adding buoyancy and warmth.  They mainly give you a MAJOR mental advantage.  It is a security blanket and I'll never be convinced otherwise.  Part of these historic swims that makes them so great is that people had to overcome the mental aspect.  The cliche 10% physical and 90% mental.  This is true and adding a wetsuit cuts down the mental part, thus making the swim in itself, easier!  Every marathon swimmer I've talked to and personally know admits that the "quit demon" comes into play regardless of who you are and how prepared you are.  Negative thoughts or doubt will ALWAYS be a part of a major swim and it just makes finishing a swim that much sweeter when you overcome that mental obstacle.  A wetsuit helps with this obstacle and I am against that.  Face your doubt demons alone.
Last, if someone does go out and crosses EC or Catalina or whatever and does it in a wetsuit.  I'll be very glad to shake your hand, praise your name, and consider you a badass!  BUT I will NEVER be ok with you being on any record book along with people that crossed it without a wetsuit.  Doing it IS an accomplishment regardless but a skin swimmer did it pure and the "rubber" swimmer did not.  I still like calling them "rubbers" and probably will for years to come.  It's 2% insulting and 98% of me acknowledgeing that you have a Linus security blanket with you and I think that if you spent more time working on your temperature tolerance then you'd see there is no point for suits again either. 
I've worn wetsuits before and have done triathlons with wetsuits.  I've been converted after making myself sit in 50 degree water for short periods of time and forcing myself to swim in 60 degree water for a few miles so I can learn to adjust.  THAT is part of training! 
In short...Do the work YOURSELF and not have an item help do it for you!!!


Went to the pool today to try a new workout.  There is someone I'm seriously considering hiring as a coach and she has requested that I don't publish her workouts in detail since it is between just us.  I will respect her wishes and keep the blogs on here VERY vague.  When I do my own swims, I'll get into detail but nothing when she gives me one.

I'll just say I swam 3100 yards today and I was happy with how I did.  I have some tweeking to do to the workouts but it was a nice swim.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hit PV at around 1015 this morning.  Idiot me forgot grease so I had to run to Maverick to buy Vaseline.  Got back and when I walked down to the lake, I was amazed at how far the water has dropped the last few weeks.  There is an actual beach area for a lot of people to hang out at instead of this tiny strip that was there all year so far.
There were 2 other guys that were chatting with me in the parking lot that came up to me when I was about to get in.  One asked where I was going and how far.  I gave him a quick rundown and then asked him if he wanted to join me.  He said this is his first open water swim of the year and 2nd in his life.  I told him I'd go slow and just stay with me.  I was just going to do the buoy route over and over anyway.  About 200 yards out, he turned around and headed back in.  He said he was fine but that I was swimming to fast for him.  This was an obvious lie.  His face clearly stated that when he got out far enough, his brain hit the panic button and he wanted to be near land.  Fair enough, swim where you are comfortable.  I have NO problem with that.
I headed back out and about 3/4 of the way back, Kim was there.  We were supposed to meet anyway but I was already going when she arrived.  I turned around and we went out again.  On the way back again, Alicia was there!  2 of my swim buddies were now with me.  I needed some water so we all headed back in.  We then did another mile together.  It was really nice swimming with friends and Kim swims at a good pace so I definitely had to pick it up.  I didn't realize how slow I'm going until she shows up!  The faster pace was nice.
Ended up with 2.37 miles.  Felt sluggish the first mile as expected but once I picked it up, I felt right as rain!  This did put a little motivation in my head for Slam the Dam coming up in Oct.  I have to be swimming regularly again if I don't want to have another Deer Creek performance!