Monday, September 5, 2011


Hit PV at around 1015 this morning.  Idiot me forgot grease so I had to run to Maverick to buy Vaseline.  Got back and when I walked down to the lake, I was amazed at how far the water has dropped the last few weeks.  There is an actual beach area for a lot of people to hang out at instead of this tiny strip that was there all year so far.
There were 2 other guys that were chatting with me in the parking lot that came up to me when I was about to get in.  One asked where I was going and how far.  I gave him a quick rundown and then asked him if he wanted to join me.  He said this is his first open water swim of the year and 2nd in his life.  I told him I'd go slow and just stay with me.  I was just going to do the buoy route over and over anyway.  About 200 yards out, he turned around and headed back in.  He said he was fine but that I was swimming to fast for him.  This was an obvious lie.  His face clearly stated that when he got out far enough, his brain hit the panic button and he wanted to be near land.  Fair enough, swim where you are comfortable.  I have NO problem with that.
I headed back out and about 3/4 of the way back, Kim was there.  We were supposed to meet anyway but I was already going when she arrived.  I turned around and we went out again.  On the way back again, Alicia was there!  2 of my swim buddies were now with me.  I needed some water so we all headed back in.  We then did another mile together.  It was really nice swimming with friends and Kim swims at a good pace so I definitely had to pick it up.  I didn't realize how slow I'm going until she shows up!  The faster pace was nice.
Ended up with 2.37 miles.  Felt sluggish the first mile as expected but once I picked it up, I felt right as rain!  This did put a little motivation in my head for Slam the Dam coming up in Oct.  I have to be swimming regularly again if I don't want to have another Deer Creek performance!


  1. I'm glad you were able to get in a swim with some friends.

    Will Reeves said you were interested in his 24-hour swim, are you going to do it? I'd like to participate but probably won't do the whole 24 hours (I don't think my shoulders could take it).