Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Was sick as a dog this weekend and I'll just say I "lost some weight" during my illness.  I have not been able to eat a full meal yet but needed to get some form of a swim in.  I went to the pool after work and did 2500.  I did a 1000 warmup then 4 x 50 K then 200 swim repeats.  I then was in my second 1000 when I threw up in my mouth....I'll take the queue and finish now!
Left the water not happy I had to cut my swim short.  I REALLY wanted to do a lot more.  Good news is that my stomach has grown back to it's normal size and I got a pretty good safe dinner in me.
I got back and found that Gords has made a FANTASTIC video promoting the GSL.  I'm in it so it's even sweeter!  hehe  I really like the video.  Good job buddy.  It's a 100% that I'm going to have a swim coach.  I'll make it public now.  I got REALLY lucky and through some good friend contacts, Marcia Cleveland has agreed to coach me.  I am very excited about this.  For people that swim, you BETTER know who she is...those that don't, you BETTER look it up as to what she has done and read her book.  She's great and has helped others get ready for marathon swims.  I need some work done and I definitely believe she is going to help me get to where I need to be.  I want to do the Catalina Channel within the next 2 years and hopefully one of the Santa Barbara Channel swims in between that time frame too.  My next season will be a lot better and my swims will be stronger.  I'm really looking forward to getting into "Channel ready" conditions.
Gords will be filming me Thursday so I can get a good view/laugh at my stroke underwater.
Here is that video.

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