Friday, November 30, 2012

30Nov12 BACK

I was cleared Wednesday by my Dr. to go swimming.  I will go to the Cancer Hospital for treatment soon enough so I have a small window now where I know I can swim before treatment starts. I really have no idea yet how my treatment will go, how I will handle it, or how long it will take so I jumped on this opportunity.  I called Kim last night and she was up for it.  Neither one of us have been swimming much so it was nice to meet up.
Got to the pool at 0500 and after some deck chat, I got in.  Did 10 x 50 on the minute.  I hit :45 or under for each so not bad.  We then did 10 x 50 kicking with decent rest between.  Did 100 CD.
I really didn't care about the quality of the workout.  I never really pushed myself or tried to put any real effort into the swim.  I was just glad to be be swimming.  The past few months have been really tough on me mentally so just going out and doing something I love so much was such a relief.  My mind was happy and it made all the difference in the world.  I have noticed that my swimming abilities have decreased "slightly" since my last real training days.  hehe  It was fun and a great time none the less.  I'm thankful Kim came out.  I'm hoping to squeeze a few more weeks out and hopefully I won't get too sick from chemo to keep me from swimming more.
I AM going out Saturday to the GSL and plan on staying in for awhile.  Now THAT will be very mentally therapeutic for me.

1100 yards total .....  That's normally barely my warmup!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


We had a "White Saturday" swim at the GSL marina today.  Gordon organized this event and we've all been plugging this day for awhile now.  We were hoping to get a few new people out to join us and all of us were amazed with the turnout we got.  Not counting the regular 4 that are there (Gordon, Josh, Jim, and me) we gave out 6 caps today!  Only 2 people got in and got out.  One was Gords' son who was promised $5 to just get in.  He earned it.  Josh's wife Sabrina ran in and ran out.  She was screaming the whole way.  Once she got out, she had her towel and the FIRST thing she said was, "That wasn't so bad"!  :)
I even somehow convinced my boss to come.  She is really big into fitness and trying new things so I kept telling her how much fun she would have.  I'm honestly amazed, considering how tiny and skinny she is, that she made the whole 10 minutes.  Everyone was impressed when they saw that she earned her cap too.
Unfortunately, I'm still unable to get into the water so I just go up to my creamy thighs to encourage people and tell times so they knew when to come back in.  I helped people get out if they needed it but made a point to shake everyone's hand and tell them, "Congratulations Polar Bear" as they were getting out!  I honestly was thrilled beyond words we got such a good turnout and so many people were able to earn a cap today.  I really hope the fun they had spreads and the new people will encourage all of their friends to try it out.
Although I didn't get to swim any, I did stay leg deep in 48 degree water for 18 min straight.  Still barely bugged me.  Maybe I'm not getting as soft with the cold as I am fearing!

Great day and great event!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I had some time to kill before a family get together in Salt Lake so I went by the GSL again.  I knew I had a half an hour in the water if I timed it right.  Got to the marina and got right in after a temp reading.  Same as Tuesday, 56....too warm!
I adjusted quickly but just mainly floated around and relaxed.  Spent a LOT of time just floating on my back.  I got to the marina opening and the wind was moving the water around pretty good so I just laid there and waited to see where it would take me.  The current carried me clear out of the marina and into the GSL main body.  I just hung out for awhile then VERY slowly made my way back in.  It was so relaxing to be out there.  Not one hint of ever being cold.  I can honestly say now that mid 50's water has ZERO affect on me.  I was wishing I had more time or had planned for an actual swim because I would have gone out much farther.  I'm just still playing it safe since my back is still a bit messed up and I was alone out there.  It is EXTREMELY unlikely but it would be really embarrassing for our club if the safety officer for it drowned due to hypothermia!
I got out after about 25 min.  The wind was strong so my body cooled when I got out.  I got to the fresh water hose to rinse off and the water actually felt warm!  I couldn't help but laugh at this.
I'm glad I went and after all the crap that has been dumped on me the past several weeks, these mental breaks are very therapeutic.

600 yards....although most of it was back floating and drifting!


Since Gords is running a swim meet this weekend, he requested that our weekly WFPBC swim be moved up to Tuesday.  Not a problem!  Met Gords, Josh, and Jim at the marina around 1630.  Chad was there too but can't swim since he is getting shoulder surgery soon.  Josh was wearing an old time swim suit.  It was pretty awesome to be honest.  He completes his set with some antique goggles too. 

Temp read around 56 so we all just got in.  We did the usual swim, wade, talk, wade, talk, repeat.  It was nice.  We were all at the end of the marina when a private school had their rowing team coming out.  3 crew boats with high school kids from Waterford Academy were heading out to practice.  It was funny when the person that gives directions and stroke rate started screaming at them to watch out for us.  There were 3 crews and all of them did the same thing.  Relax guys!  It's easier for us to move around you then the other way around.  We see you and you see us....we are good!
We all got out after about 20 min.  Another beautiful swim.
400 yards OW

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Met with Gords and Josh at the GSL marina.  Temp reading I got was 56.  1 degree more than last week.  It's been a warm week so I wasn't surprised.  I got real comfy last week so I figured I would be fine and I could stay in longer.  I wasted no time and got in.  Water felt great.  I adjusted very fast then Gords wanted to take some pics of me.  He did a photoshop for a flyer he is putting together for our club.
Looks legit!
 Gords and Josh soon got in and we all just hung out.  They clearly were unadjusted from last year.  I keep with the cold showers and staying cold as much as I can.  They suffered like men then adjusted.  We all hung out for about 20 min when Miles Pomeroy joined us.  He heard about us and did a clinic with our group last year.  It's great seeing new people and I hope he keeps coming back.  He did great.
Me with Miles

I swam near the end of the marina twice.  It was mainly when I got a bit cold....which was 25 min apart!  Only took 2 min and I was fine again.  Felt great to be back in the cold sharing something fun with my friends.  I really do appreciate Gords, Josh, and Jim.  They make being miserable and cold a LOT more fun!

Around 500 yards....I guess!