Friday, November 9, 2012


I had some time to kill before a family get together in Salt Lake so I went by the GSL again.  I knew I had a half an hour in the water if I timed it right.  Got to the marina and got right in after a temp reading.  Same as Tuesday, 56....too warm!
I adjusted quickly but just mainly floated around and relaxed.  Spent a LOT of time just floating on my back.  I got to the marina opening and the wind was moving the water around pretty good so I just laid there and waited to see where it would take me.  The current carried me clear out of the marina and into the GSL main body.  I just hung out for awhile then VERY slowly made my way back in.  It was so relaxing to be out there.  Not one hint of ever being cold.  I can honestly say now that mid 50's water has ZERO affect on me.  I was wishing I had more time or had planned for an actual swim because I would have gone out much farther.  I'm just still playing it safe since my back is still a bit messed up and I was alone out there.  It is EXTREMELY unlikely but it would be really embarrassing for our club if the safety officer for it drowned due to hypothermia!
I got out after about 25 min.  The wind was strong so my body cooled when I got out.  I got to the fresh water hose to rinse off and the water actually felt warm!  I couldn't help but laugh at this.
I'm glad I went and after all the crap that has been dumped on me the past several weeks, these mental breaks are very therapeutic.

600 yards....although most of it was back floating and drifting!

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