Saturday, November 3, 2012


Met with Gords and Josh at the GSL marina.  Temp reading I got was 56.  1 degree more than last week.  It's been a warm week so I wasn't surprised.  I got real comfy last week so I figured I would be fine and I could stay in longer.  I wasted no time and got in.  Water felt great.  I adjusted very fast then Gords wanted to take some pics of me.  He did a photoshop for a flyer he is putting together for our club.
Looks legit!
 Gords and Josh soon got in and we all just hung out.  They clearly were unadjusted from last year.  I keep with the cold showers and staying cold as much as I can.  They suffered like men then adjusted.  We all hung out for about 20 min when Miles Pomeroy joined us.  He heard about us and did a clinic with our group last year.  It's great seeing new people and I hope he keeps coming back.  He did great.
Me with Miles

I swam near the end of the marina twice.  It was mainly when I got a bit cold....which was 25 min apart!  Only took 2 min and I was fine again.  Felt great to be back in the cold sharing something fun with my friends.  I really do appreciate Gords, Josh, and Jim.  They make being miserable and cold a LOT more fun!

Around 500 yards....I guess!

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