Friday, November 30, 2012

30Nov12 BACK

I was cleared Wednesday by my Dr. to go swimming.  I will go to the Cancer Hospital for treatment soon enough so I have a small window now where I know I can swim before treatment starts. I really have no idea yet how my treatment will go, how I will handle it, or how long it will take so I jumped on this opportunity.  I called Kim last night and she was up for it.  Neither one of us have been swimming much so it was nice to meet up.
Got to the pool at 0500 and after some deck chat, I got in.  Did 10 x 50 on the minute.  I hit :45 or under for each so not bad.  We then did 10 x 50 kicking with decent rest between.  Did 100 CD.
I really didn't care about the quality of the workout.  I never really pushed myself or tried to put any real effort into the swim.  I was just glad to be be swimming.  The past few months have been really tough on me mentally so just going out and doing something I love so much was such a relief.  My mind was happy and it made all the difference in the world.  I have noticed that my swimming abilities have decreased "slightly" since my last real training days.  hehe  It was fun and a great time none the less.  I'm thankful Kim came out.  I'm hoping to squeeze a few more weeks out and hopefully I won't get too sick from chemo to keep me from swimming more.
I AM going out Saturday to the GSL and plan on staying in for awhile.  Now THAT will be very mentally therapeutic for me.

1100 yards total .....  That's normally barely my warmup!

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