Sunday, November 25, 2012


We had a "White Saturday" swim at the GSL marina today.  Gordon organized this event and we've all been plugging this day for awhile now.  We were hoping to get a few new people out to join us and all of us were amazed with the turnout we got.  Not counting the regular 4 that are there (Gordon, Josh, Jim, and me) we gave out 6 caps today!  Only 2 people got in and got out.  One was Gords' son who was promised $5 to just get in.  He earned it.  Josh's wife Sabrina ran in and ran out.  She was screaming the whole way.  Once she got out, she had her towel and the FIRST thing she said was, "That wasn't so bad"!  :)
I even somehow convinced my boss to come.  She is really big into fitness and trying new things so I kept telling her how much fun she would have.  I'm honestly amazed, considering how tiny and skinny she is, that she made the whole 10 minutes.  Everyone was impressed when they saw that she earned her cap too.
Unfortunately, I'm still unable to get into the water so I just go up to my creamy thighs to encourage people and tell times so they knew when to come back in.  I helped people get out if they needed it but made a point to shake everyone's hand and tell them, "Congratulations Polar Bear" as they were getting out!  I honestly was thrilled beyond words we got such a good turnout and so many people were able to earn a cap today.  I really hope the fun they had spreads and the new people will encourage all of their friends to try it out.
Although I didn't get to swim any, I did stay leg deep in 48 degree water for 18 min straight.  Still barely bugged me.  Maybe I'm not getting as soft with the cold as I am fearing!

Great day and great event!

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