Friday, November 9, 2012


Since Gords is running a swim meet this weekend, he requested that our weekly WFPBC swim be moved up to Tuesday.  Not a problem!  Met Gords, Josh, and Jim at the marina around 1630.  Chad was there too but can't swim since he is getting shoulder surgery soon.  Josh was wearing an old time swim suit.  It was pretty awesome to be honest.  He completes his set with some antique goggles too. 

Temp read around 56 so we all just got in.  We did the usual swim, wade, talk, wade, talk, repeat.  It was nice.  We were all at the end of the marina when a private school had their rowing team coming out.  3 crew boats with high school kids from Waterford Academy were heading out to practice.  It was funny when the person that gives directions and stroke rate started screaming at them to watch out for us.  There were 3 crews and all of them did the same thing.  Relax guys!  It's easier for us to move around you then the other way around.  We see you and you see us....we are good!
We all got out after about 20 min.  Another beautiful swim.
400 yards OW

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