Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Easy day today.  I was still on a high from the rougher swim yesterday.  I had accumulated 4.5 miles total and just wanted to do stretch out drills and easy work.
500 snorkel
5 x 100 pull
2 (200 then 50 back)
10 x 50 desc 1-4, 5-8 easy 9 and 10

2500 SCY

Monday, April 28, 2014

28Apr14 - Tinman on 2 cylinders

Today was definitely a mental toughness day.
I was hoping to do 6000 LCM and enjoy the lane setup before they go back to SCY this afternoon.
I started my warmup and I actually felt like the Tinman without oil.  Everything was STIFF and slow moving.  I could swear I heard creaking as I did each pull.
By the time I "warmed up", my energy was shot.  For some reason, I just had no energy.  I pictured myself as a Yugo car at the Indy 500.  It was that bad.  I wanted to quit.  I kept at my workout but knew there was no way I was going to make 6k.

500 WU
500 snorkel
10 (200 swim then 100 back)
6 (50 kick then 100 swim)
50 fast - hit :41
50 easy

5000 LCM
I plan on going to the GSL this afternoon for another swim.  Hopefully the open water will cheer me up.  Glad I stuck with it but my energy is still at 0!

After work today I met Chad at the GSL.  It was windy and cold.  Water temp read 56.
Red flag and standing straight out....Yeah baby!!!  Amateur hour is over

Chad and I got adjusted and headed out.  The marina was cool but very calm.  The second we left the marina, the water was choppy, 2 foot swells on average, and had an extremely strong current heading south.  We started at the first buoy and headed north.  We just wanted to follow the buoy route.  It seemed like FOREVER to get to the first buoy.  We joked about how slow our progress was.  We could feel the current fighting directly against us the whole swim.  We decided to head to the 2nd buoy.  I counted strokes.  Once I was at the buoy, I had hit 530 strokes.  It honestly made me laugh.  According to Chad's GPS, it took us 10 minutes exactly to go .2 miles!  That is a 50 minute mile against the current.  GOOD TIMES.  We decided to head back to stay closer to the marina.  I counted the strokes back, it was 167!!!  It took me almost no time to get back.  I stopped on the buoy and was holding on waiting for Chad.  He had drifted some and flew by me with lightning speed.  He popped up to see where he was and realized he was already passed me by a long shot.  I went to the buoy in front of the marina.  I was actually laughing most of the way back. It was a GREAT time.  Chad wanted to do more so we headed directly west outside the marina.  We did a few hundred strokes then turned around.  The lake is SHALLOW!  We were both able to stand...kinda.  We could put our feet down and the water was to our ribs but standing was an extreme challenge.  We headed back in and we had to swim north in order to move east.  The whole swim was 2/3 swimming and 1/3 fighting...It was GREAT.
We ended up with 1.41 miles.  Stroke count it was much more than that.  It was a challenging swim and not one for the weak of heart.  It was one of those swims where you had to be able to prove your metal to even survive much less enjoy it.

1.41 miles OW

Friday, April 25, 2014


Got to the pool today to see a nice surprise.  It was set up LCM!!!  I was very happy.  These little mental breaks from SCY go a long way lately.
500 swim
500 snorkel
5 x 200 pull - evens the buoy was at ankles
6 (100 swim 50 kick) no rest
100 easy
100 back
2 x 200 IM
5 x 100  Not so great on these times!
500 snorkel - focused on my stroke
10 x 50 easy

I'll admit I was a little spent after this workout.  Felt great but I did not eat good food yesterday so I paid for it today.

5000 LCM

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Wrote a good workout last night and was eager to get to it.  I washed my Speedo in the shower last night and left it there to dry.  I didn't realize I left it there until I got to the pool this morning.  No problem, I carry a backup with me....NO I DID NOT!!!  Driving home, I was quite mad at myself.
I contemplated going back to bed.  NOPE, I must be punished for my ignorance and go back to the pool for only a 3k workout.
1000 WU
1000 Snorkel
500 pull
10 x 50 Desc 1-4 and 5-8
100 CD

3000 SCY


Went to the GSL after work today.  I needed to be out of the lake at 1715 and driving away before 1730.  I arrived at 1600 and got right in.  No one else was there and I did not want to wait.  Most arrive around 1630 and get in just before 1700.  Normally that is fine but I wanted to swim more than 15 minutes.
I just did laps inside the marina.  The first lap I went to the buoy.  The 2nd and third lap I went to the opening then turned back.  By this time, others were arriving then made their way in.

The last lap I went to the buoy one last time then had to get out.  I got about 1.3 miles in total...I guess.  It was great to be in open water.  I am TRULY dreading pool workout lately and have become lazy getting up in the morning because of it.
I just love OW too much.  On a great note, I got a hold of Sylvia Marino.  She is housing me and setting everything up for me for my SF swim next month.   It looks like I'll get 2-3 ocean swims on Friday then my 8 mile bridge to bridge swim Saturday.  I'm getting pretty excited about this.

1.3-ish miles OW

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I swam Saturday but then ate a lot that afternoon then just as much on Easter.  I was up too late Sunday night and when the alarm went off, I turned it off and was back asleep before my usual "guilt" of missing a day could set in.
Stomach was upset with me today.  I had a 5k workout and most of the sets I took from one of Gordon's workouts a few weeks back.
200 WU
8 x 100 Desc 1-4 and 5-8 on the 1:45
10 x 25 hard - breathing only 3 times on the :30
5 x 50 kick.  I made this into 250.  Just did not feel like stopping at walls
6 x 200 pull.  This set felt good.  Felt real muscle fatigue where I should.
3 x 100 on the 1:40
8 x 50 on the :50
It was at this point where I had to get out to use the bathroom.  This was my 3rd trip to the bathroom.  Every time I put real effort into my set, my stomach would tighten up and I would need to leave.
100 easy
10 x 50 easy.  Mixed in some breast and back.  Was going SLOW to keep my stomach at bay.
Glad to be swimming again but not happy my workout was not as good as it could have been due to stomach issues.
4000 SCY

Friday, April 18, 2014


I have been sick the past 2 days.  No idea where I got this new cold but I could barely function at work and I was in bed by 1900 each night.
KEARNS has set their pool for the 50 LCM style.  I did not care how bad I felt this morning, mentally I needed a break from 25 SCY pool.  I slept in until 0530 and was at the pool and in the water by 0600.
It was GREAT swimming 50 meters at a time.  I was so freaking slow it was actually funny to me.
500 easy
500 with snorkel
5 x 100 with paddles
4 x 100 on the 2:00.  The last one I went "faster" and got 1:30.  This made me laugh. SO SLOW!
100 easy

It was a good mental break to be swimming in the longer pool despite the fact that I'm still sick.

2000 LCM

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Woke up at 0430 and stared at my bed for 5 minutes before finally getting moving.  I went to bed early last night but it did not help much.  I was still really tired from yesterday.

1000 WU
8 x 125 "Texas" IM - never knew it was called that.  50 fly then 25 of the rest then the 50 moves to back etc.
500 snorkel
500 pull with Finis paddles with snorkel
6 x 50 mixed up what I was doing
100 sprint - Hit 1:10.  This actually was nice.  I could have done better but I kept making small mistakes that add up to time
100 easy
1000 of easy swimming.  Put the snorkel on for last 500 and focused on slow technical pulls.

I felt like garbage today.  Each time I pushed off the wall it was an achievement.  It was THAT kind of day.  Days like this I remember what my old coach Marcia Cleveland would tell me, "Even Superman wasn't able to be Superman every day".

4500 SCY

Monday, April 14, 2014


Was up too late last night.  Not smart.
500 WU
6 x 75 kick down then harder strokes back.  All with snorkel
50 kick fast
ladders by 50 up to 200 then repeat back down - on way back down I had to go under :45 per lap on the 200, :40 on the 150, :40 on the 100 and sprint the 50.
10 x 50 easy.

3000 SCY


Swim meet today.
Did an easy warmup.  Got to mingle with some friends then it was time to swim.
I signed up for the 500, 200, 100 and the 100 IM.
The 500 I was hoping to go under 7:00.  I normally have the problem of starting WAY too fast then running out of air by 150!  I kept trying to tell myself to calm down and start slower then build up.
Here are my splits - 38,42,43,42,43,42,43,42,40,36.  Total time was 6:54.67.  I'm glad I got under 7 but if I would have started slower, I would have done better.
My 100 was 31.85 and 33.68  Total was 1:05.53.  I put down 1:05 so I was happy with this.
For a laugh I did the 100 IM.  My fly and back were GREAT.  I got 34.29 which I am is great.  The breast is where I died.  I'm SLOW at that stroke and have never been fast.  When I hit the wall, I was gassed and my free was pitiful.  2nd 50 was 42.99.  Total time was 1:17.28
The meet was nice but it started late and there were way too many breaks.  Time ran out and I was not able to swim the 200.  I honestly did not mind.  A family function was happening at 1300 and I promised I would be there.
During the meet, I mentioned to Josh that the family function was a get together at Crown Burger.  This was Patricia's late grandfathers favorite place to eat so we went there to celebrate him one more time.  Josh recommended skipping the burgers there and getting the beef burrito.  He described it and I was interested but he seriously undersold this item.  It was honestly one of the best burritos I have ever had...EVER.  I'll never go to crown burger and get a burger again!  Thanks Josh.

Around 1630, I met Sue at the GSL marina.  She wanted to get a little farther in the water than last week.  I just wanted to get in some colder water swimming.  Water temp was 63.  She adjusted well and we did the same route I did last Wed.  She had a great time and I did too.  Love swimming in that lake.

1300 SCY then .6 miles OW

Friday, April 11, 2014


Took yesterday off.  ZERO guilt!
Swim meet tomorrow so I just wanted to swim a little...real little!
500 WU
500 snorkel
3 x 75 swim/IM order stroke/swim
25 easy
5 x 50 on the minute.
Felt a little bit of sore from Wednesday but after 1000 yards it was gone.  Not sure how I feel about the swim meet tomorrow.  Normally I am excited then I get too worked up on the blocks and burn myself out halfway through the events.  I don't get the times I like and get a bit disappointed.  I'm trying to not care about this meet.  Maybe I'll calm down and swim efficiently then get better times.  I'll see if not caring works!  My theme tomorrow needs to me "Meh"!

2000 SCY

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

9Apr14 - Life Day!

This is my 1 year anniversary for being officially declared cancer free!  YEAH ME!!!!
I took the day off work and wanted to celebrate by SWIMMING!  I talked with my swim buddy and hero Grace Van Der Byl about feeds and my workout etc.  I'm trying a new formula for feeds and this would be the ultimate test. 
Got to the pool at 0500 and went right to it. 10 sets with a "particular" theme.

F-750 swim then 750 snorkel
U-20 x 100 on the 1:45
C-Ladders by 50 up to 300 repeat back down
K-10 x 50 kick with fins

C-5 x 200 pull with Finis strapless paddles
A-20 x 50 on the :50
N-20 x 75 Swim/IM order NO FREE/swim
C-Ladders by 50 up to 300 repeat back down
E-9 (200 swim then 50 back/breast)

I was aiming at 15,000 but time ran out.  I had a lunch date with my daughter and that is more important than 20 laps in the pool will ever be!
Sue joined me for her own workout around the "N" section.  I was getting a bit bored and asked her to swim next to me.  Despite that we did zero sets together, it is still a huge mental boost to be swimming with a friend.
When I got out of the pool, she had left me a message.  This was BEAUTIFUL.  Thanks Sue!

Love Ya!....sorry lady, I'm taken!

14,000 SCY total....YEAH!!!

Met several people at the Saltair Marina at 1630.  Water temp online said it was 50.  It was probably a tiny bit warmer than that but only in some areas.  In others, it was colder!  Carl and a swimmer from QUAC made it past the marina opening then wanted to head back.  Both said it was too cold and they had enough.  I went with them and I stayed at the opening laying on my back relaxing while I watched them swim in and get out...now I can swim!  Met up with the others and swam for a little bit.  It felt great.  I adjusted extremely fast and was actually warm while just wading watching the others go in.  Felt good to be in open water.  I could feel my 14k from this morning but I plugged along with a smile on my face.  50 degrees felt fine for me and I am not worried about San Francisco at all!
.6 miles OW
Forgot to mention that the CarboPro was FANTASTIC.  It's expensive like most formulas are but I felt great and knew it was working. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


Was down and out for the weekend.  I'm finally getting over this cold but cut my yards anyway this morning
500 swim
1000 snorkel
1 x 75 every middle 25 was sprint or choice.
500 snorkel
250 CD

3000 SCY

Probably going to swim again this afternoon...I hope


Easy 2000
Signed up for the meet this Sat and so I worked on turns for the IM.

5000 total today

Friday, April 4, 2014


STILL feel bad!  I was too sick yesterday to swim and today I barely got out of bed.  I'm getting really tired of whatever is in me not leaving.  Once again, I just made up my workout as I went along.
500 WU
......can't remember
I did swim a 500 trying to hold a steady pace.  Here is the funny thing.  I got 7.11.  That is only 3 seconds slower than my QUAC meet time in Feb.  I actually laughed.  I have ZERO energy, care, or proper stroke today but I still swam a decent time.  If I wasn't sick...IF...I prob could break 7 min easy.

3000 SCY

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I really liked Gordon's workout yesterday so I copied a good deal of it and edited it to make for a 5k workout instead of 10.  I REALLY wish I could swim until 0830 or so and not be to work until 0900.  I could do 10k daily like others.  I'm just jealous.
Woke up this morning feeling terrible.  No idea what is in me but I felt really tired and when I started to drive to the pool, it really set in that I was not doing well.
Scrapped the workout for another day and just did easy drill and stroke work today.
Honestly did not keep count or track of what I did.  I did a lot of different sets of different distances.  The only thing that was consistent was that I was SLOW.  My muscles were sore and it even got to the point where even doing a flip turn caused my abs to tighten up.  My stomach felt fine but it was my muscles that were shot.
Gutted it out and stayed for the 2 hours anyway.  I just focused on my stroke and gave not one care about time.  It is extremely rare when I finish a swm and don't at least feel a little bit better even when sick.  Today was a rare day when I actually felt a tiny bit worse.

5000 SCY

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Still not 100% recovered from my travels recently.  Could not get up to swim yesterday and today I slept in until 0530.

500 free
2(200 free 50 back)
1000 snorkel
10 x 100 Desc 1-4 and 6-9  5 and 10 easy.

3000 SCY

10 days of no real swimming caught up with me.  Lungs are smaller and did not feel that great in the water.  Back to the grind!

29Mar14 - Mark off Mexico

Despite our cruise being a TOTAL bust, we still got to Mexico for a few hours.  I was hoping to get in several countries to do a mile in for our 1 mile minimum requirement to claim you have swam in that country.  Long story short, due to an oil spill, we sat in Texas for several days and we were lucky to even get to leave the port.
Water was warm and CLEAR!  It was beautiful.  I didn't do anything strenuous either.  I swam around people snorkeling and even saw a massive submerged statue of Jesus about 20 meters down.  One of the snorkel guides was there with several people and he said that legend has it that if you dive down to touch the statue, you get 30 days of good luck.  I had already dove down a few times to touch it.  Each time I wondered if the 30 days of good luck are wiped out if you use Jesus' forehead as a springboard to get back to the surface...which I did.  
I did not get an exact distance but I was in the water long enough and did several "laps" between the swimming area that I am positive I went well over a mile.

1 mile OW