Tuesday, April 1, 2014

29Mar14 - Mark off Mexico

Despite our cruise being a TOTAL bust, we still got to Mexico for a few hours.  I was hoping to get in several countries to do a mile in for our 1 mile minimum requirement to claim you have swam in that country.  Long story short, due to an oil spill, we sat in Texas for several days and we were lucky to even get to leave the port.
Water was warm and CLEAR!  It was beautiful.  I didn't do anything strenuous either.  I swam around people snorkeling and even saw a massive submerged statue of Jesus about 20 meters down.  One of the snorkel guides was there with several people and he said that legend has it that if you dive down to touch the statue, you get 30 days of good luck.  I had already dove down a few times to touch it.  Each time I wondered if the 30 days of good luck are wiped out if you use Jesus' forehead as a springboard to get back to the surface...which I did.  
I did not get an exact distance but I was in the water long enough and did several "laps" between the swimming area that I am positive I went well over a mile.

1 mile OW

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