Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Woke up at 0430 and stared at my bed for 5 minutes before finally getting moving.  I went to bed early last night but it did not help much.  I was still really tired from yesterday.

1000 WU
8 x 125 "Texas" IM - never knew it was called that.  50 fly then 25 of the rest then the 50 moves to back etc.
500 snorkel
500 pull with Finis paddles with snorkel
6 x 50 mixed up what I was doing
100 sprint - Hit 1:10.  This actually was nice.  I could have done better but I kept making small mistakes that add up to time
100 easy
1000 of easy swimming.  Put the snorkel on for last 500 and focused on slow technical pulls.

I felt like garbage today.  Each time I pushed off the wall it was an achievement.  It was THAT kind of day.  Days like this I remember what my old coach Marcia Cleveland would tell me, "Even Superman wasn't able to be Superman every day".

4500 SCY

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