Monday, April 14, 2014


Swim meet today.
Did an easy warmup.  Got to mingle with some friends then it was time to swim.
I signed up for the 500, 200, 100 and the 100 IM.
The 500 I was hoping to go under 7:00.  I normally have the problem of starting WAY too fast then running out of air by 150!  I kept trying to tell myself to calm down and start slower then build up.
Here are my splits - 38,42,43,42,43,42,43,42,40,36.  Total time was 6:54.67.  I'm glad I got under 7 but if I would have started slower, I would have done better.
My 100 was 31.85 and 33.68  Total was 1:05.53.  I put down 1:05 so I was happy with this.
For a laugh I did the 100 IM.  My fly and back were GREAT.  I got 34.29 which I am is great.  The breast is where I died.  I'm SLOW at that stroke and have never been fast.  When I hit the wall, I was gassed and my free was pitiful.  2nd 50 was 42.99.  Total time was 1:17.28
The meet was nice but it started late and there were way too many breaks.  Time ran out and I was not able to swim the 200.  I honestly did not mind.  A family function was happening at 1300 and I promised I would be there.
During the meet, I mentioned to Josh that the family function was a get together at Crown Burger.  This was Patricia's late grandfathers favorite place to eat so we went there to celebrate him one more time.  Josh recommended skipping the burgers there and getting the beef burrito.  He described it and I was interested but he seriously undersold this item.  It was honestly one of the best burritos I have ever had...EVER.  I'll never go to crown burger and get a burger again!  Thanks Josh.

Around 1630, I met Sue at the GSL marina.  She wanted to get a little farther in the water than last week.  I just wanted to get in some colder water swimming.  Water temp was 63.  She adjusted well and we did the same route I did last Wed.  She had a great time and I did too.  Love swimming in that lake.

1300 SCY then .6 miles OW

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