Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I really liked Gordon's workout yesterday so I copied a good deal of it and edited it to make for a 5k workout instead of 10.  I REALLY wish I could swim until 0830 or so and not be to work until 0900.  I could do 10k daily like others.  I'm just jealous.
Woke up this morning feeling terrible.  No idea what is in me but I felt really tired and when I started to drive to the pool, it really set in that I was not doing well.
Scrapped the workout for another day and just did easy drill and stroke work today.
Honestly did not keep count or track of what I did.  I did a lot of different sets of different distances.  The only thing that was consistent was that I was SLOW.  My muscles were sore and it even got to the point where even doing a flip turn caused my abs to tighten up.  My stomach felt fine but it was my muscles that were shot.
Gutted it out and stayed for the 2 hours anyway.  I just focused on my stroke and gave not one care about time.  It is extremely rare when I finish a swm and don't at least feel a little bit better even when sick.  Today was a rare day when I actually felt a tiny bit worse.

5000 SCY

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