Friday, April 11, 2014


Took yesterday off.  ZERO guilt!
Swim meet tomorrow so I just wanted to swim a little...real little!
500 WU
500 snorkel
3 x 75 swim/IM order stroke/swim
25 easy
5 x 50 on the minute.
Felt a little bit of sore from Wednesday but after 1000 yards it was gone.  Not sure how I feel about the swim meet tomorrow.  Normally I am excited then I get too worked up on the blocks and burn myself out halfway through the events.  I don't get the times I like and get a bit disappointed.  I'm trying to not care about this meet.  Maybe I'll calm down and swim efficiently then get better times.  I'll see if not caring works!  My theme tomorrow needs to me "Meh"!

2000 SCY

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