Thursday, April 24, 2014


Went to the GSL after work today.  I needed to be out of the lake at 1715 and driving away before 1730.  I arrived at 1600 and got right in.  No one else was there and I did not want to wait.  Most arrive around 1630 and get in just before 1700.  Normally that is fine but I wanted to swim more than 15 minutes.
I just did laps inside the marina.  The first lap I went to the buoy.  The 2nd and third lap I went to the opening then turned back.  By this time, others were arriving then made their way in.

The last lap I went to the buoy one last time then had to get out.  I got about 1.3 miles in total...I guess.  It was great to be in open water.  I am TRULY dreading pool workout lately and have become lazy getting up in the morning because of it.
I just love OW too much.  On a great note, I got a hold of Sylvia Marino.  She is housing me and setting everything up for me for my SF swim next month.   It looks like I'll get 2-3 ocean swims on Friday then my 8 mile bridge to bridge swim Saturday.  I'm getting pretty excited about this.

1.3-ish miles OW

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