Thursday, October 25, 2012

25Oct12 - CAPS

The custom made swim caps are here!  They got here yesterday and they look GREAT!!!  They are exactly how I wanted them and the silicone is of good quality.  I haven't tried them in the water yet but I put one on at the dinner table and it was perfect.

These are the caps that can be earned for anyone that wants to join us.  The requirements are:

4 ways to get a cap: 

1. 5 jumps into the water when it's under 50. Must go fully under. No time limit.  You can just run in, dunk, and run out. Must be on 5 seperate dates.

2. 10 min swimming up to neck under 50 degrees. I'm not going to require a full head submersion for swimming ones. If you do heads up breast stroke for the whole swim, it will count.

3. 5 min swimming under 40 degrees

4. 2 min swimming under 35 degrees

A more detailed explanation is HERE.

The founding members of the WFPBC have all met the requirements and will automatically get a cap.  Ours will also have our names on it. Sweeeeeeeet!

Come out and join us and earn your cap!!!


This afternoon I met Jim and his grandson at the GSL.  Water temp read 55.  I gave Jim his new silicone cap and I put mine on.  They are really good quality and look GREAT on us!  :P
There were some people from Boston there watching us and saying we were nuts.  (It's always funny to see people looking at us when they are in thick clothing, jackets, wool hats, etc and we are standing next to them in only a Speedo and THEY are the ones shivering!)  They said there is a group in Boston that goes for a swim yearly on New Years Day.  Seems to be a trend!
As usual, Jim wasted no time and got right in.  I was 20 seconds behind him.  He said the water felt much colder than it did last week.  It did feel a bit colder but I adjusted quickly.
I go through this cycle on a regular basis.  When I'm at home and thinking about doing the ice mile, I tell myself that I can do it, I'll be fine.  Then when I get to the marina, I start to get a bit nervous.  I get in and I'm REALLY cold for about 15 seconds then I start adjusting.  During that adjustment period I'm thinking, "WTF was I thinking??  It's easy to think I can swim in ice water when I'm inside and WARM!  I can't do the ice mile.  I'm MISERABLE right now!  It's too cold and it's too hard to do!"  As soon as these thoughts make their rounds, I am adjusting and start thinking it's not so bad.  Then after a few minutes, I truly feel fine and I could stay there for several hours and never get uncomfortable.  I then start feeling confident about doing the ice mile again.
 Jim and I both swam to the marina opening then very slowly floated our way back while chatting.  When I got near the boat ramp, I didn't want to get out.  My hands were a TINY bit chilly but otherwise I felt 100% warm.  I just laid on my back and floated there for awhile.  I know it's just the beginning of our season but I can't believe that 55 degree water brings NO discomfort to me after a few short minutes.  Most "normal" people would be freezing half to death and there I am in only a Speedo, spread eagle on the water with my eyes closed thinking I could take a nap like this if I relaxed my mind enough!
I had to get out but had full motor control of my hands.  Got some small shivers on the way home but nothing out of the ordinary. 

Was a great day today.  Lake is 55 degrees and will probably be slowly dropping as the weeks pass.  I plan on going more than once a week to get my body prepared.  


This is a week late!
Went to the GSL after work.  Took a temp reading and it was 60.2 degrees.  Beautiful.  By next week it will be below 60!!  I got in and the nerve between my eyes stung for a bit and I was without a swim cap.  My head hurt for the first few minutes.  I left the marina and headed to the first buoy.  I did not have a cap on, my SSD, or any feeds so I just turned around and swam back in.  I haven't been swimming at ALL the past few weeks so I took it easy.  I only care about going out each week and getting myself used to the cold all over again.  I'm off to a good start.  Still refuse to take hot showers.  I seriously hate them now.  I did have to put really hot water on my left shoulder last week because I strained a muscle.  Still hurts.
This is the beginning of my weekly trips out there.

500 yards OW....I guess!

Monday, October 1, 2012

1Oct12 -WFPBC start!

Okay, the "official" season for the WFPBC has started as of today.  I'm planning on putting on a few lbs this winter for some insulation and growing my beard out.  As of now, I'm 210lbs and have a "small" belly.  I don't know what weight I'll stop but my wife is obviously supporting me since I came home to a gallon of eggnog in the fridge and some pumpkin flavored pop-tarts!  Wow I love her!!!
I have parent-teacher conference Thursday so I won't be able to make our first meeting.  Kind of a pisser but my job is more important.
Hopefully the caps will be here soon and I can start handing them out.  Although it's doubtful, I'm secretly hoping we run out of them this year.