Monday, October 1, 2012

1Oct12 -WFPBC start!

Okay, the "official" season for the WFPBC has started as of today.  I'm planning on putting on a few lbs this winter for some insulation and growing my beard out.  As of now, I'm 210lbs and have a "small" belly.  I don't know what weight I'll stop but my wife is obviously supporting me since I came home to a gallon of eggnog in the fridge and some pumpkin flavored pop-tarts!  Wow I love her!!!
I have parent-teacher conference Thursday so I won't be able to make our first meeting.  Kind of a pisser but my job is more important.
Hopefully the caps will be here soon and I can start handing them out.  Although it's doubtful, I'm secretly hoping we run out of them this year.

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