Friday, January 2, 2015

1Jan15 - Happy New Year!

Went to KEARNS this morning and did the New Year workout.  I have not swam a lot lately and still a bit sick so I just figured I would do my best.
Workout was
10 x 50 swim on :55 for all sets.  Others did :50 or :60
10 x 50 kick
10 x 50 pull
10 x 50 IM
1 minute rest.  Repeat 3 times.  Last set of IM can be 5 so you get 115 x 50
Fun workout.  I kept up fine first full rotation.  2nd rotation I started to fade.  I cramped a bit on the kick and could not make the time.  I felt slow.  The pull I got my time made up but started to fade...BAD
By the middle of the IM set, I could not make the times and was done.
I called it after 4000.  Not a bad first swim.  My right shoulder was also bugging me during the pull section and it would be dumb to push it.  I was happy with 4k for my first swim of '15.
Went home and took a nice nap!

4000 SCY