Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Alarm went off at 0430! SCORE

1000 WU
1000 with snorkel
1000 every 5th lap was sprint
500 pull
5 x 100 must go under 1:20
10 x 100 choice first 50 free 2nd 50
10 x 50 - 3(1EZ, 2 breathe 5, 3 breathe 9) 10 EZ
500 snorkel

6000 SCY

Felt fine swimming.  When I was in the shower, my right lower back seized up on me.  I now have a major knot in my lower back and it hurts every time I move.  Not sure if I slept funny or what but I'm walking around right now like an old man and wincing every time I have to move my trunk.

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