Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Stroke work today.
After feeling the pull coming from my elbow pivot instead of my hands yesterday I focused todays workout on pulling correctly.
Never did any hard or challenging sets.  I had to really focus on paying attention to my technique.  I did notice an immediate difference.  When I would pull focusing on my elbow, I could feel my triceps and lats engaged.  Just to test it, I would randomly pull focusing on my hand.  I would immediately full a twing in my shoulder.  I know I was swimming slow but I did not care at all about speed today.
I didn't even go in with a set workout.   I just made it up as I went along.
500 WU
500 K
1000 snorkel
500 pull
....I really don't remember!  lol  I don't care either.  I never did any set less than 500
The last 2 things I did were doing 25 kick hard then 50 swim FAST with no rest for 9 laps.  50 easy
The last 500 was grandpa pace which put me at 5500.

5500 SCY

My arms and part of my sides and back are sore. That is GOOD.  It's much better than a specific part of my shoulder hurting.

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