Monday, March 3, 2014


Good swim today.
1000 WU
5 x 200 (needed to go under 3:00)
1000 pull.  I did take TINY breaks randomly to adjust buoy.
5 x 200 IM - IM order.  IM stroke down then free back
10 x 50 pull strong
10 x 50 - Fast down easy back
5 x 100 meh pace

5500 SCY

Left shoulder is starting to bug me some.  I might be pulling with my hand during the catch phase too much instead of my pivot coming from my elbow which engages my tricep and lats more.  Need to swim more with agility paddles to get rid of swimming with my hands as much.

Went to the pool after work and did 1000 SCY.  It had been bugging me all day about my left arm pull so I wanted to feel it in the water.  I felt an immediate difference.  

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