Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Sick today.  I ingested something yesterday afternoon that had my stomach cramping up.  I went to my bed as soon as I got home and stayed there.  Got up once to sit with my family at the dinner table.  This turned out to be a bad idea.  I asked for some toast so that is all I have had since lunch.  I felt a TINY bit better this morning and decided to try a swim anyway.  No real food since 1100 yesterday and I'm tired.  Time to go to my fall back of feeling the water but not caring a bit about time workout!

200 swim then 50 choice of back or breast.
Repeat until my counter hit 100.  I had to get out several times to go to the bathroom.  Stomach is still in knots.  I'm hoping to feel better this afternoon.  I was hoping to do two swims today.

5000 SCY

Went back after work and did 2k more

10 x 50 on the minute
5 x 100 with snorkel
5 x 100
10 x 50

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