Friday, March 7, 2014


No work today but I went to the pool at 0500 anyway.  I was planning on doing 10k today.
Did my ladder workout.  If I went to 700 going up by 50's then repeat the 700 then back down by 50, that would put me at 10500.
I was going "up" the ladder I was sore as expected.  Around 1500-2000 is when I start to feel good.  Today I felt worse.  I've put in some good yards this week and have been working new large muscles.  I never really gave them a day off.
At around 4000, the sore that had been increasing turned to pain.  I fought through it but after another 750, I knew it wasn't going away and would only get worse.  I don't feel like pushing it and risking hurting myself, even though it was my muscles that hurt.  Did my last few laps real easy then called it good at 5k.  I made it up the ladder but that was enough.  I'm honestly good with averaging 5k per day.  Next week is Spring Break for college so I might do a couple days of 2-a-days. 

5000 SCY

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