Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5Mar14 - Distracted

The echo exam on my heart yesterday showed some things that I am concerned with...and so are they.  I will go into more detail later once I have met with the cardiologist Dr. today and have more info.  I went swimming anyway but was EXTREMELY distracted.  It took tons of will power to focus on my stroke.  The good news is that I know my stroke is getting better on my left arm because my tricep and my lats were SORE.  They were really sore at the end.  My shoulder felt great and my large muscles were tired.  Good!  I'm not working my small muscle groups anymore.  That leads to problems.
I knew my mind would be all over the place today so I just made up my workout as I went along.  Focused on my stroke and hip rotation instead of speed.
8(200 swim then 50 choice (can't be free))
4(Same as above but IM order.  For the free I did 50 K)
5 x 100 breathe by 4 only on left
5 x 100 breathe by 4 only on right
1500 easy

5500 SCY

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