Sunday, December 2, 2012

1Dec12 - Back to the cold!

Met with Gords, Josh, Sue, her husband Todd, and son Ryan and another newcomer Vicky.  Potential for 3 new caps today.  I was excited. 
I haven't been in the cold water much since I had surgery recently but since I was cleared Wed to swim and I did swim yesterday morning, I knew I had to come out.  I really was just hoping to get in and make it a few minutes but I was already completely mentally okay if I didn't last long.
After a quick pic, we all got in.  I was walking behind Todd and told him I was REALLY tempted to splash his back!  The water was 47 and it felt cold but nowhere near as bad as I expected.  The youngster Ryan got in and Gords, Josh, and I agreed since he is 11 to cut his time down to only 5 min.  He made it!  We were all encouraging him and it was awesome to see he stuck it out and got it done.  Todd made it too so we have our first OFFICIAL WFPBC family!  Nice job all.  I'm seriously impressed.
The new people got out but Sue was trying for 20 min.  We all stayed in with her and did another 1/2 lap down the marina.  The four of us just chatted and joked around.  It was great.  My fingers were in some serious pain but the rest of me was 100% fine.  I honestly was a bit surprised that I was doing as well as I was.  Felt like I hadn't missed a beat.  We all got out at 21 min.  So I got 21 min in 47 degrees after taking several weeks off.  When we were dried off and heading back to the cars, I hadn't started to shake yet.  It took me a bit to start and when I did, it didn't seem to last long.  I shook for probably 15 min at the most until I was completely fine. 
All this is doing is reaffirming my dream of doing the ice mile.  I'm hoping the temps keep steadily dropping and I hope I can keep handling it so well.  I know I could have stayed in for 30 min easy but I didn't want to do anything stupid on my first day back.  20 min was fine and the others were getting out so I was too.  Play it smart.  I keep thinking if I can last 30 min while just wading around and doing some light breast stroke, I should be fine doing free for 30 min or more when I'm moving and kicking a ton more.  I just gotta keep goggles from fogging!!!
***Went out for dinner last night to a steak place for a big family dinner/birthday celebration.  I ordered a 20oz. prime rib with 2 large side items.  I destroyed the whole thing including the sides and the rest of my sister in laws steak too when she said she was done.  I was STILL hungry!!!   Now THAT is another benefit of ice swimming, you burn TONS of calories then you can eat like a wild-man and feel ZERO guilt!  hehe**

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